Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prison Poetry

I have been reaching out to an inmate since his arrival at Orange County Jail. It started when I was going cell to cell to see if anyone needed anything lie a bible, prayer ect. This inmate was very anxious about his elderly mother who hadn't put money in his phone account. He said, "its not like her, she is all by herself and I am afraid something happened to her." I got her number and gave her a call and turns out she was OK but having trouble with her debit card.

Today I had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time sharing the gospel with him and his bunky. 

When I was done he said, "I have been thinking a lot about the after life." Then handed me the following poem he wrote prior to our conversation.

As I sit in this cell
I say to myself,
"I wonder if I'm going 
       to Heaven or Hell."

There's no doubt in my mind
you know what I've done.
cuz' you sure aint blind
nor are you dumb

You'll open the book
That will explain my life
from the day I was born
till the day I died

You will judge me fairly
no matter what I've done
decide my fait
then you'll be done.

You will let me know
if I'm worthy to go
into the Kingdom of Heaven
        or that place called Hell

Pray that God softens his heart so that he can respond to the gospel and gives me more opportunities to share with him.

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