Friday, February 26, 2010

A Text To Twitter Story

You may have noticed the decrease in posts here on the blog. This is not because I’m not out ministering, but because I have been using other technologies to update and communicate. The first one is facebook which offers a great way to stay connected with brothers and sisters and evangelism opportunities. The second is Twitter which allows me to update via text message from the field, which works well with my cheap phone plan. It also updates my facebook status and doubles its usefulness. 

I am afraid that with these two mediums of communication that I may be excluding you guys so what I want to do is tell you a story using my twitter updates. The twitter updates were sent live as the events occurred and will be highlighted in bold with a time stamp to follow.

"You'll never have a good view of the enemy till your at the front of the battle"6:47 AM Feb 22nd via txt The radio preacher says from his country pulpit as I am preparing to go to the local abortion clinic to plead for the lives of the unborn. I turn down the radio and ponder this statement.

The next day I arrive at the clinic a bit early so I spend some time in my bible till my brother Jason Karroll shows up. I also use the time pleading with God in prayer for grace today because I noticed the officer that the clinic pays is one that really doesn't like us. He has threatened me in the past. It ought to be interesting today.

Jason finally arrives and we start our business of pleading with women. It is so hard because they just look at you with eyes filled with evil. Most mock us and some threaten us with physical harm. It is heart breaking and they will not stop and talk to us. There is nothing left to do, we need to open air preach! We move to the front of the building and Jason, who has the loudest voice ever, begins to preach into the building. The blinds begin to crack open in different spot revealing only the fingers and eyes of the person behind them. They can hear us! Our message was making it through the walls.

After a few moments of preaching the officer walks out and stands in front of the building only a few feet from us. In away only he could, Jason is letting the officer on duty have it! Wow! Powerful preaching today!7:57 AM Feb 23rd via txt. I love when truth is proclaimed but it is always a bit nerve-racking when you are telling it to a police officer. Especially this police officer. If I was to describe him to you I would just say he looks and acts like Officer Hightower from the Police Academy movies. He just stood there cold and emotionless not saying a word. Jason then turns his attention back to the building and raises his voice again. The officer finally broke his silence. He told jason, that if he doesn't lower his voice he will go to jail for disturbing the peace. Jason responds to the officer firmly and says, “Thats Ok! I’ll go to jail for the gospel sir.” and he continued to preach. The officer didn't like Jason's response at all. Next thing I know the squad car is out front. Jason almost went to jail. Gloves were on and cuffs were out.8:26 AM Feb 23rd via txt. After a few other officers arrived on the scene and an exchange of words and threats from them we decided it was time to leave. Jason didn't want to leave it alone so our next stop was At the Police station with Jason making a complaint on the officer and hoping to find more out about the law.8:51 AM Feb 23rd via txt. Turns out the officer may have been in the wrong.

The next morning we decide to go back up to the clinic again. This time prepared to call a supervisor to the scene the officer messed with us again. Lucky for us the officer on duty was Charles who really doesn't bother us much. We spent a few hours at the clinic and thankfully Had a couple leave the abortion clinic just now! Praise God!5:18 AM Feb 24th via txt After this we end up At the lawyers discussing the events of yesterday. We're in a phone conference with a well known pro-life Lawyer.7:42 AM Feb 24th via txt

The lawyers were great and they offered to challenge the city because they violated our rights. These guys are so awesome they don’t charge pro-lifers for their service. They even told us, "whenever your out there just know that you have lawyers who will back you up just a phone call away" - from our laywer 8:16 AM Feb 24th via txt

The meeting at the lawyers was long and I was tired but one of the women was going to be at the clinic and need a male there with her so I go Back at the clinic. pray hard! God is working on a women right now. She is crying while filling out the paper work. Pray she listens to us!9:35 AM Feb 24th via txt. I cant believe how God works! I wasn't even suppose to be there and now I find myself on the "front lines" of a battle. I see the enemy at work! This women doesn't really want to kill her baby, but her boyfriend is pushing her to do it. She begins to cry as I describe what is going to happen to her baby. The pictures made her cry even harder. Her boyfriend never said a word and sat there cold as steel, determined to kill this baby. I begin to address him. “You are not going to like what I am about to say to you sir. You may even want to do me physical harm. This will only be because what I am going to say is true.” I told him he was a coward, a murderer, that he wasn't man enough to take care of a baby , and more. I never got a reaction out of him. not even anger! But the girl friend was beginning to see clearly who this guy really was. Keep praying! ask God to give her the courage to leave. She wants to.9:48 AM Feb 24th via txt

This whole time she never moved from my side. She still had the paper work in her hand but was to afraid to leave. I call my wife to tell her Im still here with the couple. Im staying till she leaves or to look her in her eyes after she’s killed the baby 11:00 AM Feb 24th via txt A few minutes later A women who completed a late term abortion just left to clapping and cheering in celebration of the murder of her baby. How sad11:17 AM Feb 24th via txt I began to cry! I had never seen such a thing.

I spend the next two hours alternating between prayer and preaching. Im begging God to get this women out of here then finally breakthrough! God has heard your prayers! She just came to me and gave me her clinic paper work and said, "throw these away for me because im leaving. Thank you for being out here. Im not sure what i would have done without you. THANK YOU1:36 PM Feb 24th

What a day!!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Super Bowl Outreach 2010

For the second year in a row I was able to attend the Super Bowl Outreach put together by SFOI. Last year was a great experience as many of you may remember from this post. But this year was different in many ways. One thing I noticed is that I've grown accustom to outreaches of various kinds so I wasn't as anxious as last year. And I knew most of the people this year, opposed to the 1 or 2 I knew last year. This year I also twittered as things were happing which was really fun. It felt as if all my twitter friends were there with me. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Here is a video montage.

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