Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30th and 2nd Birthday

  For you created my inmost being;
       you knit me together in my mother's womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
       your works are wonderful,
       I know that full well. 
It was 30 years ago that the Lord gave me life, I am thankful for that, but as I reflect over the last 30 years I see that God has brought me through some crazy situations and used those situations to make me--me. Then 4 years ago this month He gave me a new birthday to celebrate. This birthday was different then the first, this time I was not born physically, but spiritually (John 3:5-8)! I was given a new heart (Eze 11:1936:26) and life eternal (John 3:16). So today on my real birthday I would like to praise God for giving me life and allowing me to live long enough to be born again! But the birthday story doesn't end there! Two year ago today my wife gave birth to my second son Kaden! So happy birthday to you too my dear son! God has blessed me richly on this 30th birthday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I had an interesting experience at the killing place the other day and thought I would share. It was a Wednesday morning, which is the late term abortion day, and a young couple pulls into the clinic in a Mercedes SUV. They parked in the back about 20 feet from our “safe zone” (We are not allowed on the clinics property). The young man stepped out of the vehicle to smoke a cigarette. I lifted my voice to get his attention. I warned him that what he was about to do was murder and that he would be held accountable to God on judgment day. This got his attention, so I began to reason with him. I explained that when someone is sent to prison for murdering an infant they usually have to be separated from the main population. I explained that even the lowest of criminals see murdering an infant as detestable. I told him of a man in the news recently that threw his 4yr old daughter over a cliff because he no longer wanted to pay the mother child support. I asked him if that was wrong? He spoke up and said, “yes!!” I informed him that is exactly what he was doing. His child was an inconvenience so he was going to murder it. This awakened his conscience and he came over to chat with me. His name was James.

James was in his mid twenties and already had 2 other children. He told me that his girlfriends’ mom was encouraging them to have the abortion. Not only that, she provided the vehicle and the 1,000+ dollars to do it. I pulled out a pamphlet to show him what an aborted baby looks like. When he saw the picture he turned pale and asked, “Is that what there going to do to my baby?” I then had to inform him that what he was looking at was only a ten weeks gestation abortion, his was over 20 weeks and when I showed him a picture of that, and Patte described the process for him, he began to panic. He said, “I have to try and stop her!” At that point he went back to the car.

About a half an hour later I see James and his girlfriend on the side of the building in what appeared to be a heated discussion. James was holding one of her arms as if to try and stop her. She snatched her arm from his grip and coldly stormed into the clinic. James was visibly upset so I called him over. He said that he was trying to talk her out of it, but that she wouldn’t listen. I spent some time consoling James and witnessing to him when Patte smith walks up and tells this young man to do something so unthinkable that I could hardly contain my emotions.

Patte told James something like, “If you love that baby I want you to do something, I want you to be there for that baby when it is delivered (At this stage the woman would be induced and give birth to the baby in the toilet.) If that baby is born alive, which happens, then you can call 911 and as it is dying you need to hold that baby and let him know that his daddy loved him. Then take some pictures of the body so that the world can know what goes on inside a clinic so your sons life wasn’t in vain” James was shocked! I began to cry. Shawn was already crying and Patte was dead serious.

I do not know what happened to James’ baby. We gave him our contact number in either case, but we haven’t heard anything. What I do know is that there was a man who wanted to save his child from being murdered, but the “choice” of a woman out weighed the choice of a loving father. I have not been able to get the sight of a murderous mother snatching her arm away from a father who wanted to save the life of his unborn child!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Abortion Clinic Ministry

A few months ago I received a friend request from a woman on face book named Patte Smith. I accepted the friend request and unbeknownst to me it would change my life. Patte Smith turned out to be a ProLife Advocate and a veteran clinic counselor. Once I accepted the friend request I began to see her posts in my newsfeed. She would post images, articles, quotes, links, and prayer requests that were all in reference to abortion. Up to this point I purposefully avoided this topic because it made me very uncomfortable. But as she kept posting things I would read them and slowly but surely I began to desire to learn more about it. What I found was sickening! Since 1973 43-46 million babies have been murdered in the united states, some at pretty advanced stages in the pregnancy. God finally broke my heart and I started joining Patte at a local clinic (or killing place as it called).

My first day at the clinic I was in shock! The people would just waltz up to the door, casually, ready to kill their babies. I started the day the clinic does late term abortions. I would see women with huge bellies entering this place to have there babies murdered. The coldness that we received from them and the fathers was unbelievable. I was so broken that first day I cried a few times, I couldn't eat for days, when I would close my eyes I could see the faces of those woman and men as they sat out front and casually filled out the paper work while ignoring our pleas from a few feet away.

I am so overwhelmed as I write this post that it would be emotionally impossible for me to tell some of the life and death dramas I have witnessed unfold right before my eyes. This ministry is by far the most physically and phycologicly taxing ministry I have participated in to date.

I will not freak you guys out by posting images of aborted babies here on the blog, but I would request that you come face to face with this reality by placing before your eyes the truth in photos by going here

If you want to get involved in this sort of ministry Patte Has written an informative article on how to get started. You can read that here. You may also like to watch a very informative interview with Patte Smith here

In closing I just ask that my readers pray for us and others like us. I am struggling pretty hard right now with what has been going on right under my nose for all these years. Even more because years ago, I lost a child against my will, to this method of murder!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Carrying The Cross

Lately I have been reading about some of my evangelist friends and acquaintances carrying homemade crosses out in public places. At first all I could think of was the "Crazy Cross Guy" that I saw once when I was young. I thought to myself "That is crazy people are only going to think your a loon if you stand there holding a cross." The more I thought about it the more I realized I'm already a "loon" in the eyes of the world and the lukewarm church. I already have an uncommon ministry that most people think is foolish, though it is the same ministry Jesus, The Apostles and the Great preachers of our past participated in. Even with that thought in mind I was still a bit apprehensive until I saw this video. Then I was convinced that I should do it.

So this past friday night I spent a few minutes in my garage putting together a cross. It was simple to put together. I used some left over 1x4 from a previous project then used some of my wife's scrap-booking stickers for the letters. The letters could be bigger but it will do for now.

The Debut
Saturday would be the debut of my new cross. I was a bit nervous about doing it so I called a couple friends to see if they would join and none of them could. I think this was God wanting me to face my fears alone. So I hopped in my truck and drove down to the local park. I had butterflies in my stomach and conflicting thoughts in my head. It was strange to me because I have open air preached in all sorts of places and for the most part have been able to overcome fear, but when I pulled in to the park and saw all those people I began to tremble.

After a time of prayer I jumped out with my cross in hand and made the walk toward all the people. It was windy out and the gusts would cause me to have to grip the cross pretty hard to keep it steady. Once I made it to all the people I began to feel their stares. Most people just had a look of shame on their face. Not shame for themselves but as if to shame me for doing what I was doing. I felt like an outcast, a lunatic, a religious zealot!

It was such a blessing to carry that cross. Though my experience pales in comparison, the stares, the laughs, and my mixed emotions, caused me to see in a new light what my Lord must have suffered while he was carrying His cross. I am humbled to be His servant and look forward to doing it more often.

Cross Carriers that inspired me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 500 2009

For the second year after the Deeper Conference ended 500 people from across the US hit the streets of Atlanta. Last year I was still fairly new to Open air preaching so I was a bit shy still. However this year was a different story. Now that Ive "earned my wings" in the streets I was less reserved and able to have an absolute blast with my team. There are tons of stories to tell but this video montage will have to do.

Other videos from the 500
Violent guy threatens Shawn
Roberts entire sermon
Mike Poddos debute open air sermon

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deeper 09'

I'll be away for a few days at The Deeper Conference 09'. I will be posting some, stories, pictures, and video whe I return. Until then check out last years experience at Deeper 08'

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here is a unique outreach oppertunity.

Join Jason Karroll and a few other evangelists as we go over to the UCF campus to commemorate Charles Darwins 200th birthday by giving away free copies of his famous work "The Origin Of Species." Why in the world would a bunch of christian evangelists want to give away a book that is the back bone to the theory of evolution? two reason. 1. If they actually read it they probably would find it repulsive being that it is racist, sexist, and foolish. 2. Its a special edition put together by our friend and fellow evangelist Ray Comfort. From the books description,
"280-page edition not only contains an abridged Origin of Species but also has a 50-page Introduction that reveals the dangerous fruit of evolution, Hitler's undeniable connections to the theory, Darwin's racism, and his disdain for women. It counters the claim that creationists are "anti-science" by citing numerous scientists who believed that God created the universe — scientists such as Einstein, Newton, Copernicus, Bacon, Faraday, Pasteur, and Kepler.
It has many original graphics and (as it says on the back cover) is designed for use in schools, colleges, and prestigious learning institutions. The back cover lists the above information as well as saying the book contains "Information on Intelligent Design vs Evolution."
The outreach is scheduled for Nov 19 at the University of Central Florida. So if you would like to join us please contact  Jason Karroll at 407-860-1421

Friday, September 4, 2009

Puritan Picks DVD lending library

If have not checked out this service you are missing out. Puritan Picks is like a Netflix for solid Christians. There are tons of videos to choose from. The selection ranges from Conferences to Movies. They have a great kids selection. My son and I have enjoyed allot of great movies together such as Pilgrims Progress and The William Tyndale Story. Its really easy, just sign up, add some videos to your "Que" and they will send them out to you as they are available. It usually takes about 3 days. Try it!

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