Friday, August 21, 2009

Back online with some observations

After more than 40+ days without the Internet at my house I am now back online! Why didn’t I have the Internet? Glad you asked! It all started a few months ago when I was beginning to realize that I was spending less time with my family and more time online. It was the beginning of a battle with the flesh that I could never have expected. I started to notice that I would wake up and before even getting the sleep out of my eyes, I would be checking my facebook, youtube, blog etc etc. I would be constantly telling my kids “wait a second daddy is in the middle of something.” and my wife asking “are you listening to me?” when she would be telling me about her day. I began to fight the urge to be online but I would always find some excuse to get on. I began to pray asking for Gods help and help he did.

Last month I received my bill from the Internet/Cable Company that, in my current financial condition I was not able to pay, which turned out to be the biggest answer to prayer I have ever received. Not only did I loose my Internet connection I also lost what remaining T.V. channels I had left! Let me tell you, it was most certainly the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

I have some observations to make about my 40+ days off line.

Having no Internet I was able to see how much time I was wasting and how many great things in real life I was missing. Before my son would sit in my office and watch a DVD while I was on the computer and it would basically annoy me. Now I sit and watch the DVD with him. We laugh together, cry together, and now enjoy a bond that we didn’t have before.

I realized that I spent way to much time and energy trying to cram in all sorts of bits of information rather than savoring bigger and more in depth bits of info such as a book and then marinating on it. I have gotten more great reading done in these last 30+ days than I have in awhile.

I relied too much on the web to do my biblical heavy lifting. Instead of searching my bible to find what I needed I would just type my question in Google and let someone else’s work help me out. I would read articles and commentary on things I didn’t quickly understand rather then trying to figure it out on my own and then seeing if my conclusion was correct. These things are fine to do in moderation but I now see where it was doing more harm than good. If you think about it, some of the greatest biblical minds to ever live didn’t even have a calculator, much less a computer to use as a source.

In conclusion the one thing that stands out the most is that while I was at times forsaking my family they waited there patiently and received me with open arms when I returned. But since I have been off line for 40 days my “virtual” family and friends have basically forgot me about. The emails have stopped (except for group emails), facebook is dead, and hardly any youtube or blog comments. It seems as if all have moved on to the next bit of information never checking on me to see if I was alive and well. But my real life friends and family, the ones that truly love me, were there the whole time despite my brief absence.

Now I'm back with the correct perspective. The Internet is not a suitable replacement for real life!

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