Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Book: The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John MacArthur

"If you’ve ever wondered how to deal with false teachers and their bad theology, where better to look than Jesus and His example.

So how did Jesus deal with religious leaders who taught error and rejected the gospel?  Did He seek common doctrinal ground and engage in dialog?  Did He soften and adapt the gospel so it wouldn’t confront or make them uncomfortable?

John MacArthur’s new book, The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, explores the Lord’s many personal, often-explosive encounters with the influential teachers of His day.  You’ll see how both Jesus’ message and His manner have direct application for believers who love truth in this age of accommodation and compromise."
Go Here and fill out the form. The link will not work after July 20th

Friday, June 12, 2009

You Cannot Escape Death!

A woman who dodged death when she and her husband narrowly missed Air France Flight 447 before it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228 aboard, was killed in a car accident just over a week later. Read the story here


Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Opposition To The Gospel

I have been doing open air preaching for awhile now and have run into all sorts of opposition to the gospel. Hecklers, Drunk women exposing themselves or touching us, possible demon possessed people, angry business owners, security, and the police are just a few of the things that attempt to prevent the proclamation of the gospel. But now I have a new foe, the iPhone!!!!

This Saturday night while I was preaching an angry officer walked up to me with iphone in hand telling me to turn my P.A. down. When I objected he showed me the screen of his phone which which revealed his new Decibel Meter software. Now I respect all law enforcement but I have been preaching on that corner every weekend for over a year and have never been told to turn down my P.A.. I objected again saying, "thats just an iPhone that cannot be accurate!" He then claimed to have tested it with the stations real DB meter and it came two DB under and I was 20db over the limit. I requested that he bring out the official one and he said that if he did he would cite me.

It is interesting what electronics have done to our world. Whats seems to help us in a lot of ways limits us. Our nation is becoming more ignorant, kids are glued to T.V. sets and game consoles, a lot of jobs have been handed over to computers, the Internet is filled with porn and has nearly ruined music and movie industry with all the piracy and now the iPhone is shutting down the proclamation of the gospel! when will it end!

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