Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paul Washer’s Testimony

Here is the testimony of one of my favorite preachers, Paul Washer.

Video Pop Out

Other Paul Washer Posts

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday: Fear and Open Air

Black Friday proved to be a great evangelism opportunity. Instead of waking up early in the morning we stayed up late and went out around 12:00am. We went by 3 of our biggest electronics stores. Each store had 100+ people in line. First we would hand out tracts (Tip: Start in the back of the line then work your way to front. What I find is if the people see you coming they can start to figure out if they want to reject your tract or not. Plus, if the persons in the front reject the people behind them assume they don't want it either)  Then at one store I open air preached using my new P.A.! I have to admit that I was highly apprehensive about doing this. I guess fear got the best of me, but I won the battle and went for it! It was well worth it, many seeds were planted on Black Friday.
A couple tips to over come fear: 1) Prayer is the most important 2) I find that fear is directly linked to my pride. I'm usually overwhelmed with thoughts like, what will they think of me, what if I get laughed at or made fun of, ect. So I go for the root and WAR against my pride. 3) I remind myself that I will never see these people again and that as soon as I leave the mission will be accomplished and I will be forgotten (for the most part). 4) If I don't do it I know that I will have to live with that regret and that is worse then just getting it over with. 5) Remember the importance of your message, so what if you look like a fool right now! You are warning them of the wrath to come and once the people see that you will be a hero (sort of). 6) I refuse to let fear control me! I try to control my fear and only allow it to warn me of legitimate dangers that are life threatening not pride threatening.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday!


According to a preliminary Black Friday shopping survey conducted by BIGresearch for the National Retail Federation, up to 128 million people will shop this Friday, Saturday or Sunday. According to the survey, 49 million people will definitely hit the stores while another 79 million are waiting to see the weekend deals before making any decisions. Needless to say I am looking forward to this years Black Friday! Not because I'm going to purchase anything, but because I'm going to tell all the people about the greatest purchase in history!

“And they *sang a new song, saying, "Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You [Christ] were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood {men} from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.” Revelation 5:9 NASB

John Owen, in Death of Death, says: "Christ then, by His death, purchased, for all whom he died, all those things which the Bible says were the effects of His death. The value of His death purchased deliverance from the power of sin and God's wrath, from death and the power of the devil, from the curse of the law and the guilt of sin. The value of His death obtained reconciliation with God, peace, and eternal redemption. These things are now God's free gifts, because Christ purchased them.”

If you are going out to shop this weekend at least bring some tracts to hand to the people in line with you. If your not shopping I encourage you to go and pass out tracts to the tons of people who will be waiting in line for the stores to open. And if your brave enough, do some open air! The people cant move so they have to listen to you! Below is a video of Leon Brown preaching to the lines last year.


Helpful articles

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Classic Weekend

It has been a few days since our Florida Classic adventure, but I haven't had the time to get all the videos and pics uploaded. Well its finally done! Here it is…

Friday night started the weekend off at our usual post in Downtown Orlando. It was really just a normal Friday night, aside from the freezing cold (at least to us Floridians). It was so cold that no one would pull their hands out  of their pocket to take our tracts. We saw this as a sign to preach the gospel open air. So we did, first using a fellow evangelists small PA then our friend Bart’s rather powerful PA. You could hear us for blocks!

IMG_2325 IMG_2315

Friday was fun and productive, but Saturday was the day I had been really looking forward to for quite some time. This would be the day we would go to the Florida Classic Football game to witness to over 60,000 people! We were not disappointed.

IMG_2363 All The People

Our first challenge was the fact that no one outside of my regular team signed up to go out (which I cant understand) . This meant  that there were only 4 evangelists vs. 64,000 football fans so now we had to figure out how to hand out the most tracts to the most people in the shortest amount of time. We met the challenge in a vary simple, but unique way and ended up handing out all the tracts we brought with us in just a few minutes. over a thousand (video Below)!

What we did was, using our brand new P.A. system, we announced that we had free collectable Million Dollar Bills as we walked through the crowd. We had people swarm us and even fight over them (as you can see in the video above.) One of the weirdest things is that most were mad because it didn't have Obama on it (you can hear an example in the video) Good thing WOTM is filling this wish with the expected release of their Obama Bucks!


We also did some open air right by the main entrance where thousands were funneling in to the game. I was the first to get up and break the ice (Video Below), then shawn, and then to my surprise ol’ Braz (PICTURED ABOVE)  grabbed the P.A. and had his very first go at open air! It was short and sweet, but it inspired me greatly to see a man who is normally fearful of such a thing, to actually do it in front of all those people! God is great!

Im already looking forward to next year, but hope to have a million tracts and more then 4 evangelists. I will also plan the event a few weeks earlier.

Next adventure: Black Friday! Stay tuned


Below is a picture slide show of our Classic Experience

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Behringer EPA40: My First P.A. system

I have been looking at getting a P.A. system to do open air for over a year now, but two things prevented me from getting it.

  1. Because I wasn't doing enough open air to justify the cost
  2. I didn't have the money!

Well God finally made it possible. After getting some practice doing open air using other peoples P.A.’s and then having some extra money, I finally got one!


On Friday night I purchased the Behringer EPA40 for only $99 from Sam Ash music. The APA40 was recommended to me by, Tony the Law Man, Marcus Pittman, and the Henry’s. I have to say it is a good little PA for the price. The one thing I don't like is the rattling noise that comes from the battery lid when at higher volumes. I'm some what of an audiophile so it could just be me, but it drives me crazy! What I do to remedy this problem is either, open it while im preaching, put my hand up against the back, or tape it shut. Other than that little problem its definitely the best bang for the buck.

It also has an audio line in jack that allows you to send external audio via  the 1/8” input jack. I use it to connect my iPod so that I can either play a beat behind my preaching or even Rap over it to draw a crowd. You could even play a sermon jam in between your sermons. I do wish it had a line out to allow for direct audio recording, but what do ya do?Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Downtown Take Down


Downtown Takedown

This Friday is a special week because of the Florida Classic Football game. There will be tons of people so we need all hands on deck! Whether your a newbie or a seasoned evangelist come and join us.

Tonight Friday, November 21, 2008 from 9:30 PM to 11:30+ PM

The corner of Central and S Orange Ave.
Orlando, Florida 32801 USA

Read about our Downtown adventures: Downtown: 10/11, Downtown Orlando 10/3, Downtown Orlando: Open Air, Common Objections from Downtown

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whitefield’s Evangelism

HT:Scott Brown

“God forbid that I should travel with anybody a quarter of an hour without speaking of Christ to him.” ~ George Whitfield

Ive had people say this about me, but not to encourage me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Money Can’t Buy: Pastor Gregg Heinsch

“But Peter said to him, “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money!” Acts 8:20 (ESV)


This past Sunday my Pastor preached out of Acts 8. I enjoyed it so much I thought I would share. Be ready to examine yourself! Click Here to listen or download.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Judas the preacher!

Kiss of Judas * Giotto di Bondone

"If you know these things--you are blessed if you do them." John 13:17

To obey the truth, and not to know it--is impossible.
To know the truth, and not obey it--is unprofitable.

For, "Not everyone who says unto me, 'Lord, Lord' shall enter into the kingdom of heaven--but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven." Saving knowledge is not as the light of the moon--to sleep by; but as the light of the sun--to work by. It is not a loiterer in the market-place--but a laborer in the vineyard.
A man may be a great scholar--and yet be a great sinner. Judas the traitor--was Judas the preacher! The snake which has a pearl in its head--has poison in its body! The tree of knowledge has often been planted, and flourished--where the tree of life never grew! All abilities and gifts--without grace and holiness--are but like Uriah's letters, which were the death warrants of those who carried them!
Mere head knowledge will be as unhelpful to the soul, in the judgment day--as a painted fire is unhelpful to the frozen body, in a cold day. Theoretical knowledge may make the head giddy--but it will never make the heart holy. How many professors are there, who have light enough to know what should be done--but have not love enough to do what they know! Give me the Christian who perfectly sees the way he should go--and readily goes the way he sees!
That is barren ground--which brings forth no fruit. "To him who knows to do good, and does it not--to him it is sin." The sins of ignorance are most numerous--but the sins of knowledge are most dangerous! That sinner's darkness will be the greatest in hell--whose light was the clearest on earth!
There are many who set a crown of glory upon the head of Christ by a good profession, and yet put a crown of thorns upon his head by an evil conversation. By the words of our mouth--we may affect to adore religion; but it is by the works of our lives--that we adorn religion.
As trees without fruits are unprofitable--so knowledge without good works is abominable! Leah and Rachel are fit emblems of knowledge and obedience. Knowledge, like Rachel--is beautiful. But obedience, like Leah--is fruitful. ~

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Florida Classic Weekend: Evangelism Opportunity



2008 will mark the 29th Annual Florida Classic presented by State Farm. The record for attendance at the game is 73,358, set in Orlando in 2003. Since 1997, a total of 689,592 fans have watched the Florida Classic in the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium, an average of 68,708 per year. By comparison, the total attendance for the 17 years prior to Orlando was 765,529, an average of only 45,031. Between Orlando and Tampa, the Classic has drawn 1,383,905 fans. The booming crowds in Orlando have helped the Florida Classic presented by State Farm pass the Bayou Classic (Grambling/Southern) as the nation’s largest football game between two Historically Black College/University (HBCU) schools.

The Bring The Noiz Evangelism team will be planning an outing around this event. Friday night the 21st we will be at our usual spot in Downtown, Orlando on the corner of Orange and Central. Saturday from 11:00am – 2:00pm we will be meeting at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium to, pass out tracts, open air, and sharing the Gospel with the people tale gating and going into the game.  Then Saturday night we will return to our Downtown Spot to continue to minister to the all the game visitors who will be attending the after parties.

needGod_1_FloridaClassic EditionFRONT

We will be printing up a bunch of custom gospel tracts just for this occasion and will provide them at no cost (donations welcome).

If you would like to join us please email me at noiz(at) If you cant join us in the field, then join us on our knees and pray that God works through our efforts.


Here is a video of the tract

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The nails which pierced Christ's hands!

repent sinner

William Secker, "The Consistent Christian" 1660

“Though repentance is the act of man--yet it is the gift of God. It requires the same power to melt the heart--as to make it. As we are deeply fallen from a state of innocence, so we should rise to a state of penitence. Those sins shall never make a hell for us--which are a hell to us. Some people have sin enough for all their sorrows--but not sorrow enough for all their sins. Their eyes are windows to let in lusts--when they should be flood-gates to pour out tears!
When godly sorrow takes possession of the house--it will quickly shut sin out of doors. There must be a falling out with our lusts--before there can be a genuine falling off from our lusts. There must be a sincere loathing of sin in our affections--before a true leaving of sin in our actions. It is a hearty mourning for our transgressions, which makes way for a happy funeral of our corruptions!
Sinner, you have filled the book of God with your sins--and will you not fill the bottle of God with your tears? Remember, that when Christ draws the likeness of the new creature, His first brush is dipped in water: "Unless you repent--you shall all likewise perish!" Is it not better to repent without perishing--than to perish without repenting? Godly sorrow is such a grace, that without it--not a soul shall be saved; and with it--not a soul shall be lost! Is it not therefore better to swim in the water-works of godly repentance--than to burn in the fire-works of divine vengeance? Do not think that the tears which are shed in hell--will in the least abate the torments which are suffered in hell!
He who lives in sin, without repentance--shall die in sin, without forgiveness. There is no coming to the fair haven of glory--without sailing through the narrow strait of repentance. We must mourn for sin on earth--or burn for sin in hell! It is better traveling to heaven sadly--than to hell merrily!

It is the coldness of our hearts--which kindles the fire of God's anger. "They will look on Me whom they have pierced--and shall mourn!" Zechariah 12:10. Christians! The nails which pierced Christ's hands--should now pierce your hearts! You should now be deeply wounded with godly sorrow--for having so deeply wounded Him with your ungodly sins!”

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Downtown 11/14: The Same Old Stuff


Last night was our weekly Downtown Take Down where we hit the streets of Downtown Orlando with the gospel. This week was exciting for me because I had not been there in a few weeks, but also because we were bringing Taylor a new friend from Church. This would be his first time doing evangelism in this sort of environment.  It was great having him around because he was a sharp young man and was able to handle himself very well in a one-2-one encounter. 

Normally I would write about all the, one-2-one encounters, the open air, and some of the crazy things we saw people doing, but I want to zero in on a few of the common objections that occurred while witnessing to people. What I hope to do is, tell you guys how I would handle it, post a  link or two to some deep thinking on the subject, and maybe get some input from my readers.

Post Modernism (what's true for you is true for you)

When some one presents me with this I usually show them how illogical it is by creating a straw man. I like to say “I believe that when you die Spiderman will swing down and carry your body to the top of a building then wrap you in a web cocoon for 30 days and then when you come out of it you have wings like and angel and you spend the rest of your death fighting crime on distant planets. Can this be true?” At this point they will either say, Oh I see what you mean” then you can carry on with you evangelism or they will continue with their illogical position and say, “well if that's what you believe then its true for you.” at this point you can either walk away or try another angle. If I decide to try once more I’ll do one of two things. I’ll ask them, “ if what’s true for you is true for you and what’s true for me is true for me, what if my truth says that your truth is a lie?” Or you can ask them if they will at least humor you that the biblical position is true. Then take them through the ten commandments. Usually I find that it becomes a reality to them when they see themselves before the one true God as guilty.

Your Doing It All Wrong!

The objection to the way we do evangelism, especially open air, is some what common. It is usually brought to you by, a false convert, an uneducated Christian, and most of the time the objector does not share their faith at all. Usually the person you are speaking with only “feels” that its wrong and when you show them from scripture how Jesus (Matthew 5, Matt 15:19-20, Mark 10:17-22, Luke 10:25-29, Luke 16:14-18, John 8:3-9) and the Apostles (Eph 6:19-20, Acts 13:39-41, Acts 16:22-33, Acts 17:29-31, Col 3:5-9, Acts 24:25, Acts 7:51-53, and more) did it, they always go back to their feeling “I just feel there is a better way.”

Most of the time I stay out of this conversation, but if I do engage I usually ask them how they do it. Their answer is almost always “you need to be their friend first!” There are so many problems with this Idea. First of all I don't see it in scripture. Second of all, most of the time when someone seeks to establish a relationship first they never get to the gospel for fear they will lose their friendship! Besides what if they die first? I wrote a blog post on this awhile ago here. This doesn't mean we wont be kind to people or try to establish some relation with them before we share the Gospel. But the gospel is of such importance that once they hear it and believe it, you will now have an eternal relationship!

My biggest mistake in handling this is letting my emotions get me worked up. I tend to be angered by this position because of its unbiblical and unloving nature. I always wonder how many “Christians” were working so hard on our relationship that they failed to warn me about the judgment to come. I've still yet to have a Christian witness to me!

Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen?

I’ll Let Voddie Baucham Answer this.


Homosexuals (I was Born This Way)

When witnessing to a Homosexual I usually avoid their homosexuality by setting it aside for a moment. Yes Homosexuality is a sin and is condemnable, but there is a deeper issue then getting them to right their wrong. I let them see themselves in the mirror of Gods law and then if they flee the wrath to come by clinging to the cross, God will change them from the inside out. Then and only then can their homosexuality be conquered.

If I for some reason feel the need to engage their homosexuality I try to stress to them that it is a behavior that can be controlled. They usually respond. “I cant stop being gay I like women to much!” I always say “no one liked women more then I did, but my love for God out ways my love for sexual gratification. Its a behavior that I can control” They usually don't buy that and that's why I try to avoid their homosexuality all together.

Helpful Article: I Was Born That Way, by Dan Phillips 


There are so many more objections that occur when out on the streets, but I just wanted to cover a few that happened last night. I am by no means an authority on this sort of stuff so if you have input or suggestions please comment id love to hear them.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Downtown Take Down Friday 11/14


Downtown Takedown
Every Friday night we join in the effort to take over Downtown Orlando with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wether your a newbee or a seasoned evangelist come and join us.

Tonight Friday, November 14, 2008 9:30 PM to 11:30+ PM

The corner of Central and S Orange Ave.
Orlando, Florida 32801 USA

Read about our Downtown adventures: Downtown: 10/11, Downtown Orlando 10/3, Downtown Orlando: Open Air

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Flavor Fest Part 2

I have given you a broad look at the weekend in part one. Now I want to zone in a particular event that made the weekend so much more special.


On Friday night during the first set of concerts I happen to see KB, a young artist that I highly respect. So I wanted to go over and say hi and let him know that I supported his ministry and hopefully get a picture with him, which I did. But as I walked up on him he had in his hand a familiar Way Of The Master gospel tract. I thought “wow this is great he uses WOTM stuff as well.” So I talked with him about evangelism a bit and he introduced me to some friends of his, The Phinney’s, an older couple who had a real heart for evangelism. I ended up hitting it off with them and having a deep conversation about all sorts of Christ centered stuff. They later invited us to go out with them to Ybor City to witness which of course we accepted.

Going to Ybor was a great idea to me because of the wonderful time I had the last time I was there, but for the rest of my group this would be their first time and some where a little apprehensive. Despite the fears, lack of sleep and that it was 1:00PM, we made the 15 min trip across town.There were tons of people out on this Saturday night and it proved to be good grounds for tracting and one-to-one conversation’s

The crowd in tampa

A view from the streets


The Gangster


The first encounter I had was with a guy who had is hat pulled down almost over his eyes. I handed him a tract and spoke with him for e few seconds when all of the sudden his demeanor changes into an angry tone as he notices that my cousin (who had never been out witnessing) had a blue bandanna in his back pocket. He asks me if he was with me and I told him yes then he asked angrily, is your cousin repping CRIP? For those that don't know Crips are a well known and violent gang. I assured him that he wasn't and that he just used it to wipe his sweat, which I had watched him do numerous times through out the weekend. Well the guy wasn't going to be satisfied until he spoke to cousin. So I called him over and again the guy asks, “you repping crip?” my cousin told him no and pulled it out to demonstrate how he wipes his face with it. At this, the guy got livid! “Oh that's disrespect” he said. I quickly pulled my cousin away and left the guy while he was yelling something.


The Catholic

2nd encounter

Another encounter was with a guy named Poppo. Poppo was a catholic who felt that he would go to heaven because he had given a homeless person $10 and because he had a Jesus tattoo on one of his arms. I asked him, is that how cheap God is? That he is willing to be bribed with $10.00 and a Tattoo? You should have seen the look on his face! After running him through the law he seemed very convicted and understood the gospel. I passed it over to Jim and he reiterated everything and covered something's I forgot, thanks Jim!

The Flasher

Shawn pleading with two woman

While I was engaged with Pappo, Shawn was passing out tracts and ended up talking to some scantly dressed ladies. As he ran them through the law one of them said, “Oh so you mean I cant do this” and pulled opened her shirt to reveal her bare chest. Shawn, with out missing a beat or dropping his eyes said, “I hate Lust! I fight it every day and here I am trying to tell you about Christ and you try to show me your breasts! You should feel ashamed of yourself!” He ended up speaking to them for a little while  and giving them a couple follow up tracts.


The Shirtless Gay Guy

Matt Passing the baton to JimJim witnessing to the shirtless gay man

At the end of the night around 3:30pm we stopped at a pizza shop to get a bite to eat. We all went inside, but my cousin stayed out side to hand out tracts. He ended up somehow getting caught up with a Gay guy. My cousin not knowing a thing about evangelism wasn't able to do much so he passed it off to Jim. Jim later said it was interesting conversation. Im still not sure why he took off his shirt though?

There were many other things that occurred, but to sum it all up we had a great time witnessing to the people of Tampa and look forward to ministering with the Phinney’s in the future.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why Believe In God?

Why believe in God goodness banner

Above are pictures of actual signs that the American Humanist Association are propagating all over Washington DC.

This is great example of how weak the atheistic argument is. The first thing I must say is that I know allot of Christians that can answer the question, "why believe in God?" Second, what is their standard of "goodness"? I mean how can you be "good" for the sake of "goodness" when the atheistic world view has no set standard of "goodness" and is subjective from person to person at the most.
It makes me think of what Paul wrote in Romans 1:19-22
"For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools,"
Romans 1:19-22(ESV)
Further Education

  • 10 Arguments For The Existence Of God Article
  • Lee Strobel - Case For A Creator Book Movie
  • Norman L. Geisler - I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist Book
  • Kent Hovind Creation Science Videos Streaming (A Must Watch)
  • Ray Comfort - How To Know God Exists Book

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Book: This Momentary Marriage

This Blog is suppose to be about evangelism and the related, but it seems to be turning into a Blog about Free Stuff. Oh well, as long as it will grow the saints.

Today's  free resource comes to us from John Pipers ministry, Desiring God. It is a free book called This Momentary Marriage. A description from the Desiring God Web Site,

Romance, sex, and childbearing are temporary gifts of God. So is marriage. It will not be part of the next life. And it is not guaranteed even for this life. It is one possible path along the narrow way to Paradise. It passes through breathtaking heights and through swamps with choking vapors. With marriage comes bitter providence's, and it makes many things sweeter.

There never has been a generation whose view of marriage is high enough. The chasm between the biblical vision of marriage and the common human vision is now, and has always been, gargantuan. Some cultures in history respect the importance and the permanence of marriage more than others. Some, like our own, have such low, casual, take-it-or-leave-it attitudes toward marriage as to make the biblical vision seem ludicrous to most people.





Go here for details on how to enter.

Free Book: Why We're Not Emergent


why-were-not-emergent-deyoung-and-kluck1Free Book: Why We're Not Emergent (by Two Guys Who Should Be)

Description from amazon:

"The Emergent Church is a strong voice in today’s Christian community.  And they’re talking about good things:  caring for the poor, peace for all men, loving Jesus.  They’re doing church a new way, not content to fit the mold.  Again, all good.  But there’s more to the movement than that. Much more.

Kevin and Ted are two guys who, demographically, should be all over this movement.  But they’re not.  And Why We’re Not Emergent gives you the solid reasons why.  From both a theological and an on-the-street perspective, Kevin and Ted diagnose the emerging church.  They pull apart interviews, articles, books, and blogs, helping you see for yourself what it’s all about." 

Enter to win this free book over at the Beauty From The Heart Blog. I cannot support their blog as I know nothing about them, but I do know that this book has received pretty good reviews and is worthy of a read if you are interested in learning more about the emergent movement.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flavor Fest Recap Pt 1.

Well I've been back from Flavor Fest for 2 days now and have had a really hard time trying to write about all the amazing things that happened while there. So I'll just type and hope that I get across at least a small picture of this great weekend. I might even have to write multiple posts.

My Cousin


This will be my third year in attendance, but unlike the previous years, I would be bringing along a cousin (pictured above) who I adore and was also not sure of his salvation. So I was in prayer all week that his heart would be softened to the Gospel, that he would repent of his sins, trust in the Savior, and that his life would produce fruit in accordance with salvation.

My cousin has a unique story. He went to prison for a few years and while there he found a Gideon Bible in a trash can. This Bible was a mess.  It had been stabbed into the pages, leaving pencil marks all over, torn out pages, and drawings of demons in the back. When my cousin found it, he decided to restore it. So while he read through it, he cleaned up all the pencil markings, and erased the demon picture from the back. He said that this Bible is what got him through those tuff years.

After having talked with him and his girl friend, they seemed to know a lot of stuff about the Bible and could probably win in a Bible trivia game, but they were lacking the understanding of the Gospel. So after sharing the Gospel with them and then hearing it a few times during the weekend, everything began to fall in place for him. When I asked him after the end of the second day what he had gotten out of the conference, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "repentance, and what all this stuff is really all about!" He also spoke of his hatred of sin, how blind he had been, and actually went out with us to Ybor City to do some witnessing, which I'll write about later.

It seemed to me that after the weekend was over and we were heading home, I was taking home a different guy than I had brought out there with me! So please pray for my cousin!

The Conference

The conference was good. It seems that as I grow in the Lord, my discernment gets sharper so I really have a  hard time sitting through most surface level topical type presentations. The other thing is that, this being my third year, I'm pretty tired of the whole "Hip Hop Church" idea that is being presented at this conference. Its really a pragmatic approach to doing church which I find very faulty. I guess now that I've said that I need to clarify. I'm not against a church that uses the sounds of Hip Hop in its worship or even being sensitive, to a point, to that genre of people which I am a part of. What I don't like is when it becomes so much about hip hop and its elements that it forsakes proper expository type Bible teaching, and the training of the saint for the work of the ministry. It's as if the focus becomes on how much we know about hip hop history and how to engage the hip hop culture than it does about Christ. I say just preach the Bible and those who get saved will preach to and impact there culture.

So with all that in mind, I can say that only two of the speakers really stood out to me. The first was Hip Hop artist Lecrae, who spoke on what the heart of a gifted person looks like, and his label mate Tadashi who spoke on True Godly contentment. These guys surprised me to say the least.

The Concerts

The highlight of the whole weekend was the concerts on Friday and Saturday night. There were 2 stages with over 40 artist performing. I got to watch some of my favorite artists perform including, Lecrae, HGA, Tadashi, Shai Linne, and a few artists that I might not have other wise known about like Odd Thomas whom I had a great conversation with. He even sold me a great book on the Atonement called Studies in the Atonement, by Robert A. Morey.

Below is a short video compilation of some of the concerts. If you want to see more go here

And here is a picture slide show.


If you cant see the video and slide show open here



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"Sin is a real criminal offence against God. We should not confuse guilt feelings with real guilt. All men are guilty before God (romans 3:19). Yet, most men do not know it or feel it. Modern psychology and psychiatry attempt to remove guilt feelings, but no one can remove our real guilt except for God Himself. The fact that our sin has made us guilty before God demands that expiation and justification take place in order that our guilt be removed."

~ Dr. Robert A. Morey, Studies In The Atonement, pg 41.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Having a great Time!

Im having a great time at Fla.vor fest! There is so much I want to write about, but the INTERNET connection here is weak. I will tell you this I have had a great time and alot of wonderful things have occured as a result of the teaching and the great fellowship. I hope to give a somewhat concise overview of what has been going on down here when I get back, but will see! Here is a funny picture of Shawn takin at the hotel till I get back!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gone for a few days


Im leaving today to go to the Fla.vor Fest Holy Hip Hop Conference in Tampa Florida. I hope to post some pics and stuff while Im down there, but we all know how hard it is to find time while at a conference so I cant promise anything.

I also know that some of you may not be familiar with Hip Hop ministry and some may even think it is foolish. I can understand how maybe those of you who just don't like "rap" music would feel that way, but I think you aught to at least hear the Christ centered theology contained in this genre. Below are some links to a few music videos that I like and think they will give you a pretty good taste of what's going on.

Shai Linne - accapella w/ gospel presentation (WOW)

Flame - Gods Goodness should lead to repentance

Shai Linne - Random Thoughts (another wow)

Flame Joyful Noise

Lecrae - Death Story (unofficial video)

JR - Not A Slave

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen?

The next time someone asks this question, and they will, answer it like Voddie Baucham does. I bet they'll either repent and Trust or they wont ask another question!

Click here to view video

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Examine Your Self by John MacArthur

Showing someone that they may be a false convert is probably one of the toughest things to do in an evangelism encounter. 1. because it is never fun being the bad guy, 2. Because the false convert is so convinced that they are saved, despite their apparent and confessed lack of repentance, that it is a task that usually ends in frustration. So I decided to dedicate a section of my blog to articles and resources that help the Christian and/or the false convert see how they measure up to the standard of Gods word.

Today I was fishing around John MacArthurs website, looking for what now free sermon I was going to download, when I ran across a booklet. I think its an essential read and I will probably order some for my evangelism arsenal. Here is a quote from it,

"If you didn't come to Jesus Christ shattered over your sinfulness, and hungering and thirsting after righteousness, you are not a Christian. Some people come to Christ as if they are doing Him some great favor. Sometimes Christians reflect that same attitude by hoping some famous person will be saved because of his potential influence. But whoever wants to come to Jesus must come on His terms: mourning over his sin, and desiring righteousness." ~ John MacArthur, Examine Yourself booklet

Read tract here and/or order it here

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Evangelism Without Proclamation?

HT: Vitamin z

"There is a tendency in some quarters today to promote a kind of evangelism without proclamation. Acts of service are done or people are invited to experience Christian worship. But without words of explanation these are like signposts pointing nowhere or, worse still, signposts pointing to our good works. The gospel is good news - a message to be proclaimed, a truth to be taught, a word to be spoken, and a story to be told."
- Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, Total Church, p. 54


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Monday, November 3, 2008

Free Audio Book

Calvin_Of_Prayer_largeEvery month gives away a free audiobook download. Last month was Charles Spurgeons classic, All of Grace. If you missed that free book it is most certainly worth buying!
This month is giving away John Calvins book, Of Prayer and The Christian Life. Just type in the coupon code NOV2008 when you check out. enjoy!

Links of interest:

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free John MacArthur!!

No John MacArthur is not in jail, but he has been freed! On Wednesday November 5th, Grace to You Ministries is releasing John MacArthur from the bondage of pay per download. Grace to you is now going to offer all of his sermons for free download! That's right free! Go to for more info.
Update: Here is the link to the sermon archive.

Great John MacArthur resources

Paul Washer: 10 Indictments

Every Sunday I post a sermon for those of you who miss church for whatever reason. Lately I've been posting allot of Paul Washer. Well, this week is no exception. I have  yet another great sermon by my favorite preacher.

This one has made a ton of buzz in the blog world and rightly so. It is called, "10 Indictments" and is directed primarily at the way Church is done today. I hope that all pastors and Church leaders give this message the full 2hrs it deserves.  It will change the way you do Church!

The 10 indictments are as follows:
  1. A practical denial of the sufficiency of Scripture 
  2. An ignorance of the character and attributes of God
  3. A failure to address man's malady
  4. An ignorance of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of regeneration
  5. An unbiblical gospel presentation and invitation
  6. An ignorance regarding the nature of the Church
  7. A lack of loving and compassionate church discipline
  8. A silence on separation (holiness)
  9. Psychology and sociology have replaced the Scriptures in regards to the family
  10. A departure from the faith and a devotion to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons (1 Timothy 4:1-16)
    Sermon Transcript
Other Paul Washer Sermons

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Outreach

IMG_1518-1The Event

This past Friday was the 2nd annual St. Cloud Halloween Outreach. For the  past two years we have brought, fun, games, food, music, and the gospel to the City of St. Cloud. And once again I was given the  honor to be invited to RAP and preach.
The event went great! There were allot of people there and because it was an outdoor event the music and preaching could be heard for a mile or so! It was such a blessing to serve along side my former pastor and the other churches that helped in the event. 
One of the coolest things was that I ran into a few old friends while walking around downtown and they all came to watch the show! These people were once my closest friends and had not seen me since my conversion so I think it was a  bit of a shock. I hope they enjoyed them selves and I pray that they received the Gospel and if so that I could have the opportunity to help them grow. If you guys read this hit me up! noiz(at)

The T-Shirt

Usually I don't do fashion tips or even care about my own fashion, but I wanted to show yall a close up of my undershirt to illustrate something.
The bible says in Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
So it is that any time you are engaged in ministry, especially on Halloween night, you are going to engage in spiritual warfare. What is pictured on the shirt is angels and demons battling it out in a "Rap Cipher" . What I find so great about this shirt is that the character with the mic in hand is an angel which represents good and you can see the demons behind him  representing evil. Thus illustrating the spiritual battle that is not seen.

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