Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lecrae Rebel

Im not in the business of doing reviews here on Bring The Noiz. I do however want to promote anything evangelistic.

Today I went to my mailbox to get my mail and found a box, and in that box, what I want to tell you about. In that box was Rap artist Lecrae's new album (rebel). After listening to it I must say that it is one of the greatest Holy Hip Hop Albums to date! From the first song to the last this album is evangelistic and Christ centered to the core!! This is going to be the CD I listen to as I head out to do witness and do open air!

I love every song on this album but a few to note are,
This song is grimy with a catchy chorus that features the preaching of Mark Driscoll. The theme of this song is that people that think they are rebels and   do the things of the world are actually conformists and that a true rebel is someone who is not doing the things of the culture but those things that glorify Christ.

Go Hard
This track is about going hard for the gospel. It encourages evangelism and communicating the truth of the gospel at all costs.

Indwelling Sin
This is one of those tracks that has been done a few times where the artists has a conversation with satan or in this case his sin nature. It is well done and has a hot beat. Lecrae being the artist that he is keeps this track short. Smart move.

Breathing to death
This is hot track that shows the artists conviction of sin, understanding the gospel, repentance, and faith

This track goes through the search for truth covering things like, relativism, secular humanism, evolution, ect.

A song about struggling with sin, the guilt it leaves, and the need for Gods mercy and grace! its a powerful song with a great message.

Fall Back
This tracks got Trip Lee in it...what more do I need to say!

I say that you should run out and buy this album! As a  matter of fact buy two and give one away to a friend!

If you want it from iTunes go here

If you want the deluxe edition go here

If you want it from a store go to Wal Mart or your local Christian bookstore.

If you want to read the lyrics while you listen go here

Im not short im actually almost 6' tall! Lecrae is just really tall!
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

  For you created my inmost being;
       you knit me together in my mother's womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
       your works are wonderful,
       I know that full well. 
Psalm 139:13,14
It was 25+ years ago that the Lord gave me life, I am thankful for that, but as I reflect over the last 25+ years I see that God has brought me through some crazy situations and used those situations to make me--me. Then 3 years ago this month He gave me a new birthday to celebrate. This birthday was different then the first, this time I was not born physically, but spiritually (John 3:5-8)! I was given a new heart (Eze 11:19, 36:26) and life eternal (John 3:16). So today on my real birthday I would like to praise God for giving me life and allowing me to live long enough to be born again! But the birthday story doesn't end there! One year ago today my wife gave birth to my second son Kaden! So happy birthday to you too my dear son! God has blessed me richly on this 29th birthday!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Witness That Lingers

This quote by Robert Tewart from a resent post at the Street Fishing Blog is for all the new evangelists that read the blog. It is very encouraging and something we all need to remember when we're passing out gospel tracts.
"Tracts make it into homes when we can't. They find their way onto dashboards, sun visors, wallets, night stands and desks long after we've handed them out. They are an essential tool in our evangelism to "speak" after we've gone home for the night."

The Heart Of The Matter

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Downtown Orlando: Open Air

This weekend was another great weekend of evangelism in downtown Orlando. It started off slow as PJ and I were the first to arrive but things began to pick up as the Henry Team arrived.

As I have written in past posts Downtown Orlando has always been a place that brings about a little reservation in my heart to do witnessing. This time was no exception, I stood on the corner and watched the people for a little while then ran into an old friend, did a little catching up with him, then started handing out tracts.

A while later Paul informs me that his street preacher buddy Bart was on his way out. I was excited because its very rare that I get to do ministry along side a good street preacher. When Bart arrived, the corner we were on was getting allot of pedestrian traffic so it was good timing to break out the amplification and proclaim the gospel to the people. Up to this point I have never met Bart and I must say after meeting him he is one of those Godly men that just radiate Christ. What stood out to me the most was his soft spoken humble attitude. He was not there for attention or for fun, he was out there to his Fathers business. In between each presentation he would sit down on the curb with a LED light and his bible and get ready for his next proclamation.

Up first on the curb was my buddy Paul

Then surprisingly Bart asked if I would like to preach! Now I had only done this once before and really wasn't ready, but I knew I had to do it. with allot of fear I stepped up to the mic. I started with my testimony and explained how I used to go to the same clubs that they were all going to. then I swung into the Law and the Gospel. It was an awesome experience. I preached one more time and had a few hecklers but I will never forget that first time on the curb.

After I was done Bart took over and wow was he great! His delivery style was gentle and loving and you could tell that he has had lots of experience. He had a few hecklers but there was one girl that really stood out. I could see her across the street yelling at Bart while her friends held her back. She was really angry at something. Finally her friends let her go and she ran across the street to yell at Bart. She was very angry because Bart was talking about how God demands Holiness and that no one met His standard. She was cursing at him and saying, “how dare you say Im not holy!!! After creating a scene and drawing more people to listen to us she finally left

Awhile later I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see the same angry girl that had cursed Bart out! I thought Uh Oh she's going to let me have it! She said to me, “Can you give him [Bart] a message for me?” She told me that as she walked away her conscience got the best of her and she wanted to apologize for her actions! I talked with her for another half an hour or so and was able to clarify what Bart was saying. I also explained the law and the Gospel to her. Her name was LaLa so please pray for her

All in all it was a great outing and I look forward to the next time I get to minister along side of Bart and the Henry family!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sheep or Goats?

This was originally posted by Travis Yates on the Centurion Papers Blog. Normally I just put a link to an article that I like but I know that most don't click them to read the full story so I thought id share here.


A good friend of mine runs Evangelism Team and he recently attended one of the largest Christian Festivals in the country, held in South Dakota. With permission from the organizers, he interviewed 200 kids who proclaimed to be Christians. He asked them 4 questions:

1. Are you a Christian?
2. What does it mean to be a Christian?
3. What does it mean to be born again?
4. What happens to people when they die if they are not a Christian?

The answers were all over the charts, including reincarnation, etc. With the state of the current American Church, the answers were unfortunately expected. The project was not done to embarrass but to reveal a very real issue in today's church's.

The visible church is in a horrible state; we need to return to our roots (the authoritative words of Scripture). I believe the decline in the visible church is a direct result of what's being preached in the pulpits and professing Christian's personal time reading, understanding, and applying the words of Scripture.

This site hits very close to home for me. I routinely speak to kids that claim to be Christians and cannot even tell me how to become one or why they are one. Recently, a kid told me he became a Christian "because it was the thing to do." I am routinely told that all you have to do to become a Christian is "to pray." These are kids that have grown up in youth groups, that claim to be a Christian.

Let me encourage you to send this site to your church leaders, to parents, to believers, etc. We cannot assume because someone "claims" Christianity that they are indeed born again believers of Jesus Christ. We must examine these claims within the scriptures.

To the church leaders and to parents: We should ask our youth and our kids these questions. We should help them examine their faith. I hope this site will be a blessing.

Here's the site: www.sheeporgoats.com.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First time in Ybor City

This past Saturday night I had the pleasure of being invited to hit the streets of Ybor City in Tampa Florida with the Henry family and Fellowship Baptist Church. Ybor City was once known as the Cigar Capital of the World with nearly 12,000 tabaqueros (cigar-makers) employed in 200 factories. Ybor City produced an estimated 700 million cigars a year at the industry's peak. I would like to insert that in my opinion Ybor city should be called the “Strip Club capital of the world” because there is one on every corner and it is also the home of the famous Mons Venus Strip club.

I have been to Ybor in my unconverted days and remember it being packed with drunken people and half dressed women. So needless to say I was a bit nervous as the church bus dropped us off on a side street. But once there I jumped right into handing out tracts as we walked and surveyed the scenery. It wasn’t but 10 minutes in that I had my first conversation. As I handed a tract out to a woman she, her mom and a friend stopped and asked what it was. I informed them that it was a gospel tract and asked if they had any spiritual background to which they replied, “Were Wiccan.” I was intrigued because I had yet to converse with a Wiccan so I asked them to tell me about their beliefs. The youngest women, probably 24, said, "well im just learning about it and would really like to know more about what you believe!"  As she said this my mind began to reel with excitement. I have never had anyone ask that question before!!

So I answered her question by starting in the Garden of Eden with the fall of man and gave her a breif overview of redemptive history mixing the law and the gospel in as well. Her response at the end of my explanation was, “Wow, I didn’t know that!” I then spent a little while longer explaining the substitutionary atonement and imputation. It was a great conversation and they all seemed to have some interest in what I was saying. I left them with some follow up tracts and my contact info and I hope to be able to dialog some more with them.

One of the most interesting things I was able to experience was meeting the guy pictured above. His name is Larry Keffer and is a guy that I am only familiar with from watching him on YouTube. His videos are usually in the midst of a heated argument with, a strip club owner, gay pride parades, and rock concerts , ECT (Explicit content). Ive always observed his methodology with a little reservation. He has said things that come across offensive in the videos. But I must say that meeting him in real life and observing him in action in the context of the people of Ybor City I can say that his method is at least effective.  I watched as many people came to him to ask what his sign meant and this gave him plenty of opportunities to give the gospel to people. But in comparison to what im used to (view example click the third video) Im still on the fence with what little I saw, but I can tell you that he was a very nice guy who has a heart for the Lord and is only out there to call people to repentance and faith.

All in all it was a great weekend I passed out a lot of tracts and met a lot of interesting people. But best of all was being out there and fellowshiping with all the other evangelists.

Below are some more pictures.
These ladies set up this prayer request table as a tool for evangelism. They said that most people who have prayer request arnt actually Christians and this gives them an oppertunity to bring up the things of God.Their table was full of living waters gospel tracts.
My buddy Paul using Mr. Kefer's Bullhorn to preach to the people waiting  in line to enter a club.

Paul dialoging with an atheist while Mr. Kefer uses the bullhorn to inform the people that atheism is illogical.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DO NOT alter the Gospel

“We are not commanded to alter or revise the gospel in order to make it more palatable to the modern mind. That would be treachery to Christ. Our business is to present the Christian faith clothed in modern terms, not to propagate modern thought clothed in Christian terms. Our business is to interpret and criticize modern thought by the gospel, not vice versa. Confusion here is fatal.” ~ J.I. Packer

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thats my Boy

As most parents know having a child is an experience that is sometimes tough but is always worth the effort. One of the greatest things about a young child is how they idolize their dads and my 4 year old son is no exception to this. So far you guys have heard him bring me through the law, seen him fall asleep with a bible in his mouth, and become courageous as he handed out gospel tracts with me. Well now you can see him look like me.
 If only we were as diligent about trying to be like our heavenly father!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How Do you Know That Your Saved?

This is for a friend of mine as well as many others.

Friday, September 12, 2008

To Churches That Seek To Amuse

I had a friend tell me she heard on the local christian radio station that, "as a Pastor, if you do not keep your congregation amused you are sinning!" I obviously told her that either she misunderstood the radio host or the radio host was dead wrong. The sad thing is she probably heard him right.

Below is a puritan writing from a few hundred years ago and his view on amusing the church.

(Archibald Brown, "The Devil's Mission of Amusement")

Jesus pitied sinners, pleaded with them, sighed over them,
them, and wept over them; but He never sought
to amuse them!

When many of His disciples turned away, because of the
searching nature of His preaching--I do not find there was
any attempt to bring them back, by resorting to something
more pleasant to the flesh. I do not hear Him saying, "We
must keep up the gatherings at any cost! So run after those
people, Peter, and tell them we will have a different style
of service tomorrow! Something very short and attractive,
with little, if any, preaching. Today was a service for God
--but tomorrow we will have a pleasant evening for the
Tell them they will be sure to enjoy it, and have
a pleasant time. Be quick, Peter! We must get the people
somehow; if not by Gospel, then by entertainment!"
No, this was not how He argued. Gazing in sorrow on
those who would not hear the Word--He simply turns
to the twelve, and asks, "Will you go away also?"
~  ~  ~  ~

We have published Archibald Brown's superb 10 page
article, "The Devil's Mission of Amusement".
Must reading! Please forward this to every church
leader you know!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Downtown Orlando 9/5 part 2

In part one of our Downtown Orlando adventure I described for you how I thought I was involved in one of the last evangelism encounters of my life. I also promised to tell you about another incident that occurred that same night that was pretty scary for us also.

After about 2hrs of walking around and no dinner it was time for Shawn and I to get some grub. We decided to stop at a pizza place. It was one of those small New York style joints. After getting some laughs for the Million Dollar Bill we stuck in the tip jar and receiving our order we looked for a place to sit. Being that it was small, seating was limited and the only seat we could find was in an area between the counter and a window that looked out on to the sidewalk. We sat down we began to swap stories about some of the people we spoke to.

As we were talking a homeless man tapped on the window holding out a half eaten banana pepper. I was in kind of a funny mood being that I just survived a rather scary event, so I opened my mouth toward the window as if to take a bite of it at the same moment the homeless man reaches to pull his zipper down to...(ill let you imagine) so I turned my head quickly away when to my surprise he and a friend walk into the pizza place and sit at our table. He holds out the pepper and tries to get me to eat it again. I of course denied and tried to change the subject by asking him his name. He and his friend are being very loud and obnoxious and tells me "I am Chief and that is Dog." For some reason Chief had the need to tell us that Dog was packing a gun and then asks the strangest question. "Are you guys Christians?" Now here I am again thinking that if we say yes this guy could kill us! Oh well I survived one I'll survive this time also so I reply, "Yes, how'd ya know?" he said that he could just tell because we had an ora about us. Then he says "it must be the Holy Spirit because I'm a Christian to!" I saw the opportunity to witness to them and all the people that our now focused on our loud conversation. So I ask him why he thought he was a Christian and that if he died how certain was he that he would go to heaven. At this point he says, "Like I said I'm Christian why don't you talk to my friend Dog" so i direct the questions to him all the while knowing the many ears that were listening. So I ask him about himself and he says that he really doesn't believe in all that but insisted God would let him to heaven because his life has been so bad that he deserves something good in exchange.

As I started to really get into it the store manager comes and kicks them out. I was able to get them and some of the patrons gospel tracts and I hope and pray that God work on their hearts.

So the next time you pray please pray for the safety of evangelist and that God protects them as they enter into places way worse then where I was at! Also pray for the people I write about that they would repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ the saviour of man.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Downtown Orlando 9/5

As my regular readers know Downtown Orlando was a place that produced fear and anxiety in me. Not because its the wildest place on earth or anything, but because it was the place where I was my wildest in my former years. Well, this weekend would be my second attempt at evangelism in Downtown Orlando. The first was a bust because I was overwhelmed with the memories produced by all the clubs and bars I saw. I was in a spiritual battle the whole time and was only able to hand out a few tracts. So going back there was something I was battling with but Friday Shawn and I made the trip across town to take on this "giant" in my life.

Once we arrived at our destination I was a little nervous, but knew that I would not let this time defeat me as the last. So we sat in the parking lot, prayed and worshiped the Lord, and I knew after I lifted my head from praying this time was going to be different. Out of the car I handed a tract to the first people I came in contact with. The reaction was surprising, they were apparently "Christians". I was excited to run into some fellow believers so I asked excitedly, "Are you guys out here sharing your faith?" the answer of course was, "Well No we just live it" this always raises a red flag for me. They went on to tell me about how they, minister to the homeless, give food, clothes, and hold a service on the street corner every Sunday. I told them that it was great that they do all that and asked,  "how do you share the gospel at your services?" They again said with a slight tone of aggravation, "We don't! we live it!" I thought about trying to untangle the knots in there idea of ministry and maybe to see if they were false converts, but as most evangelists know this is a task and usually ends in an argument with no change of position. So I gave them a tract and opted to move on.

From this conversation I walk directly across the street to a large bus stop where about 20 people were and began to hand out tracts. One of the newest ways I combat fear is to go up to the one person I am most fearful of and hand them a tract. So I walk right up to a rather muscular black guy that was dressed like a thug, I extended out my hand to give him a Million Dollar Bill Tract when all of the sudden he tried to snatch the whole stack from my other hand. In doing this he pulled me right into him and a bunch of other people and they all began to go crazy. Once he realized it was fake he pushed me away and threw the stack back at me and said, "Boy you lucky this is fake, you was fixen to have to call the O.P.D." then they all started saying things like, "boy this aint no game out here! You playin round with fake money!" I explained that they were gospel tracts and nervously tried to hand a few back, but they told me to leave. Thinking I just survived a possible beat down I gladly obliged and as I walked away I said, "God bless you!" But as I did the big black guy grabbed my arm, looked me in the eye and said with a tone that made my hair stand on end, "What you say boy?" At this point I thought I was going to have to profess my Lord  unto death and had thought of a being a martyr. So I looked him in his eye and said firmly, "I said GOD BLESS YOU!" I think he was taken back by my boldness and replied, "Thats what I thought you said!" He then did something surprising, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side and said, "I wanna talk to you about this God thing". So I proceeded to talk with him.

Turns out he was a gangster from VA. He told me how he had done all sorts of things that God could not forgive (which of course I later showed him otherwise). He started to open up and told me that he was on life support just a few months ago and that the doctors almost unplugged him. I asked him what happened and he told me that he tried to hang himself but his girlfriend found him and cut him down. I used this to move to the gospel and asked where he would have gone had he died in that hospital. He pulled me in close and said somberly, "man I would have walked straight into hell." I wanted to make sure he knew why so I brought him through the commandments. When I got to the commandment to not murder, I for some reason assumed he did and said "you already told me that you committed murder so..." and with a surprised look on his face he stopped me and said, "I didn't tell you that! God must have told you that!" Now I'm not sure how all that works theologically but it sure was strange that I said that! I finished the commandments and gave him the gospel. We chatted for a few more minutes then I left him with, a gospel of John, a True Repentance booklet, and something to think about.

After the "smoke" cleared and I got my heart from inside my throat I realized Shawn was missing. turns out he was bringing a lady through the law and the gospel with great success and didnt even know what I just went through!

We had a few other conversations. one was with a homeless guy who was mad at us for handing out the Million Dollar tracts. He claimed that a few homeless people had been hit by cars while chasing them into the streets (never heard of such a thing). I told him I hoped they at least read the back before they got hit. Not sure if he thought it was very funny. Another guy had Gold Fanged teeth! He was interesting to talk with but nothing out of the ordinary.

There was another crazy incident that I will write about tomorrow.

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