Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 Reasons Why Gambling Is Wrong

This was an interesting post  by John MacArthur

(By John MacArthur)

"As a follow up to yesterday’s post, here are five bullet-point reasons why gambling is wrong:
1. Because it denies the reality of God’s sovereignty (by affirming the existence of luck or chance)
2. Because it is built on irresponsible stewardship (tempting people to throw away their money)
3. Because it erodes a biblical work ethic (by demeaning and displacing hard work as the proper means for one’s livelihood)
4. Because it is driven by the sin of covetousness (tempting people to give in to their greed)
5. Because it is built on the exploitation of others (often taking advantage of poor people who think they can gain instant wealth)
For the full sermon discussing these five points in detail, click here."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shai Linne: You Gotta hear this!

You have got to listen to this! This is what Christ centered rap should sound like!

video popout

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The MonaVie Gospel

Im going to start calling the health and wealth gospel, "The Mona Vie gospel" If your not familiar with Mona Vie, it is a "health" drink that features the Acai-berry, is very expensive, and very popular in my neck of the woods. I'm guessing by the their slogan that the distributors of Mona Vie either go to a modern evangelical church or share the same marketing firm. ;)
"Better Health Better Wealth"

Paul Washer: Mans 2 Problems And Gods Solution

This a great sermon by Paul Washer. It has a lot of great gospel truths that I know will bless you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Im A Good Person

On our 4th of july adventure Shawn and I had the opportunity to witness to a bunch of people. One of which was an old friend of Shawn's. After catching up a bit Shawn swung the conversation into the spiritual and asked the man if he thought he was going to heaven. He said, "Of course!" When asked why he said the usual, "because im a Good person." Of course after a little prying and comparing him to the 10 commandments we tried to show him he wasnt, but he still thought that he was better then most and that he would still go to heaven because Hell is actuall here on earth. We spent a few minutes showing him the problem with that view and how much worse hell is going to be then the worst here on earth. After we gave him the gospel and some tracts we sent him on his way still self righteous.

The reason Im telling you this almost 2 months after the fact is because we found his name and mug shot in the police news section of today's paper. Turns out this "Good Person" is really not so good after all. According to the paper he was arrested for "Possession of a pound of marijuana that Officers found while they searched his home for evidence that he had sex with a 14-year-old girl."

I think its sad that this happened to the young girl and to the perpetrator. I wonder if you were to talk to him today would he still consider himself a good person. The only good thing is that he heard the gospel presented biblical only a short time ago and this could be the act that God uses to wake him up. Please Pray for him.

Also while I was fishing around the police web site I found a few of my old friends being charged with attempted murder! Its a pretty crazy story read it here. It just reminds me of how great God is for pulling me out of that lifestyle and how He has given me a heavy burden for the people from the "hood" and the youth that idolizes this lifestyle.
The picture is only for illustrative purposes and is not the mug shot of the 
actual offender. picture credits got to: Ligadier Truffaut

Death By Love Promotional Video

This is a very interesting promotional video for Mark Driscoll's new book Death By Love.
After you watch the video go to the website and read the first chapter here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My New Favorite Book

 Ok as you know Florida is being hit right now by tropical storm Fay and since I have alot of time on my hands I was able to catch up on somethings like an audio book my friend gave me.And after listining to it I have decided that my new favorite book is, "One Thing You Cant Do In Heaven" by Mark Cahill. This is a great book on evangelism and gives practical insight on how to do evangelism. Cahill helps conquer fear with a method he calls "Win, Win, Win", gives questions and answers, and tells some great stories about his encounters with the lost, one of which was the legendary Micheal Jordan.

I have to admit this book was released in 2000, but since Ive only been a Christian since 2006 and sharing my faith since mid 2007, I have only recently heard of Mark Cahill. The first time I heard of him was seeing his name on an evangelism conference line up I wasn't able to attend. Then a few months ago I heard a rerun of a Way Of The Master Radio Program where Cahill was being interviewed by Todd Friel. It was one of those shows that I had to listen to again. Cahill is a very tenacious and an inspirational evangelist and had me wanting to leave work in order to go witness to someone. You can listen to that show here.

A friend of mine was gracious enough to give me this book in audio format read by Cahill himself. He also gave me his newest book, "One Heart Beat Away." Which is a book that is evangelistic and geared more for the searching unbeliever, but is great for Christians to get grounded in there faith and have solid answers when speaking with skeptics. Read Book introduction here.There is also a "One Heart Beat Away" gospel tract written by Cahill himself that paints a word picture that leaves the reader really thinking about their eternal destiny. Then it gives a web address for the seeker to find the answer and to receive a free copy of the "One Heart Beat Away" book.

You can find the "One Thing You Cant Do In Heaven" audio book, and other free Mark Cahill Resources, here and if you find the resources a blessing please consider a donation to his ministry here

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Evangelism

As Fay Approches Florida and the possibility of it becoming a hurricane increases the people in Central Florida are getting preapared. The Gas Stations, Hardware stores and Grocery stores are all full of people and when people gather the opertunity for witnessing increases.

A few good ideas to bring the gospel to these people are to, drive around and stop at packed gas stations and begin to hand out tracts by saying something like, "Its crazy to see all these people getting ready for the hurricane! We're out here handing out tracts to make sure people are ready for eternity." If your really brave you can stand on the public sidewalk and open air preach to all people gathered at the pumps.

 Really any tract will work for this, but a great tract to have on hand for thing like this is the "Are You Ready?" tract from Custom Tract Source.

If you do this please share your experince with me!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can you say Ouch!!

 Weightlifting accident at Olympics

John Piper: The Prosperity Gospel

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drunk Scarface gets the Gospel!

This is a funny witness/open air encounter by one of my favorite evangelists Steve Sanchez over at

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beach Party Adventure

Saturday night Shawn and I went to the St. Cloud Lakefront and were looking forward to a great evening of evangelism right here in my home town! But when we arrived it began to rain and we watched as the decently large crowd dispersed. Not letting a random act of nature defeat us, we decided that we would wait it out under a pavilion.

When the rain finally stopped we went over to survey what we were working with. We saw a grand total of about  5-10 people left over from the rains. So we figured were here we might as well hang out and hope the people return.

It was dusk and the sky was gorgeous so we went over to a aluminum dock that was about 100 yards from the event. We stood at the end of the dock and had some great fellowship while watching the sun set and before we knew it, it was dark.

Just when we were about to head back to the event and pass out tracts we hear loud footsteps on the aluminum dock and see two large figures walking our direction. It was the Cops! At first I thought they were going to harrass this drunk and still drinking homeless guy who was sitting near us enjoying his beer and the music from the event. But when I saw one stop at him and  the other walking our direction I knew we were going to be told to leave.Having taken the advise of Evangelist Tony Miano I pressed record on my recorder just encase things were to get out of hand.

The Officer asked for our I.D.'s and made us wait, until they were done with the drunk guy, at the end of the dock under a pavilion. While waiting for them we met two teens who, while later trying to witness to them ,realized that I had witnessed to the female one almost a year earlier after one of my "concerts." It was kind of interesting to run into and old fish, but it stunk to see their was absolutely NO life change she actually admits to being Bisexual! Kind of bitter-sweet.

Anyway, back to the Cops. After they were done with the 'Drunk Guy" they approached us. They of course called our names in to the station and we were sure hoping we didn't have any warrants from our times before Christ. Once they figured out we were warrant free, they asked us to put our bags down and began to frisk us. I remembered that I had over 200 Million Dollars in Tracts in my pockets and was worried what the Cop would say. Would I go to jail for, having large amounts of money, or would it be for counterfeit? I tried to peak the cops interest in the bills, and warn him they were there just before being frisked in hopes it would lead into the gospel some how. But he pulled them out and said with a laugh, "you're a rich man" and then stuffed them back in my pants. He  then frisked Shawn and asked if we had any drugs on us. We told him No and then he eventually let us go.

By the time we were done with the cops, and talking with the two teens we met, the event was almost over and there was still nobody there. We decided to pack it up and go home.

It was an interesting night in St. Cloud with alot of action and little evagelism. I really have a heart for the people in my town and look foward to the next community event, The Main Street "Cruise Into Fall" on Sat. Sept. 12, from 8:00 to 11:00! We'll keep you updated.

Police image courtesy of Danny Hammontree

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jim McClarity: The Best News You Ever Heard!

This is a great sermon by Jim McClarity, once he gets going. In this sermon he helps us understand out nature before Christ! He says some great things about the depravity of man.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

St. Cloud Lakefront Beach Party

The Bring the Noiz Evangelism Team will be out tonight at the "City of St. Cloud's Lakefront Beach Party". We will arrive at 7:30 and will be there until 10:00. Your welcome to come meet up with us! Email me if you have any questions.

If you cant join us for evangelism, please join us in prayer.

I cant see: Evang-a-trick

I had  breakfast with my good buddy Joe "Joe Boy" Shell and he told me an interesting way that he got someone to read a gospel tract. Joe described the guy, who is a coworker of his, as kind of a hard nose who would have never read the Million Dollar Bill tract if he just handed it to him. So while on break Joe, rubbing his eyes, calls the man over and asks, "I don't have my glasses can you read this to me?  The man obliged and began to read the tract out loud to Joe. Joe says that the man stammered a little while reading the law! After he finished reading it Joe asked, in his country accent, "Well, wudcha thank?" and began a conversation about Christ!

It is awesome to hear stories about witness encounters and how God can use so many different situations to get His gospel to people!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hemorrhoids and Joel Osteen?

This quote actually has something to do with Joel Osteen! "According to court documents, Brown claims that she suffers from anxiety and hemorrhoids because of the incident and said her faith was affected." So much for Brown's best life now! lol!

Read the full story to get t
he context here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

So you say you're a Christian?

 I'm usually not that quotable, but I came up with this one while I was in the shower. Thought I would share it. Be sure to lay the sarcasm on thick while you read this one.

"So you say your a christian, but you dont evangelize? What if I told you that I was a car mechanic that doesnt work on cars?" ~ Robert Houghton

Car Show

A few weeks ago a friend of mine in the neighborhood told me about a car show and that he and his friend, who has a very loud sound system, would be competing. I knew this would be a great opportunity to pass out tracts and maybe have some conversations. So I call my "street brother" Braz and ask him to join me. Although he had a minor bout with fear (read more here), he obliged and we set out on yet another adventure.

We arrived at the Car Show and there were a few hundred people in attendance. It was a lot different then I had imagined so I really didn't know how to approach these people. There was tons of loud music and a lot of interruptions, so conversation was out of the question. We originally thought it would be a good time to break out our newest tract "Jesus Aint Your Homeboy." I only handed one out and it just seemed really weird when the guy read the front of it which say's "Jesus aint your homeboy! He's your judge." So I decided to opt for "ol' faithful" the Million Dollar Bill tract.

I found a crowd gathered around the "Drag Wars" table. This is where 2 vehicles compete to see who has the most bass. I started passing out tracts and only had one objection the old man in the picture above. After passing it to all the other people in the photo (Who you can see reading it) I turn to the old man and say with a smile, "did you get one?" He kept his hands in his pocket and just stared in to my eyes. I offered to buy the tickets in his pocket for a million and he just raised one eye brow and gave me the "Get out of my face" look. So I did!

I passed out around 90 or more tracts in only a few minutes. We even had one guy take the tracts and put them in his spinner rims which inspired the evangelistic video above. We had a great time but I guess I  parked in an unmarked "designated area" and was asked to move, so we figured it was time to leave.

On the way home we stopped at a gas station and it ended up that the guy at the register was an old friend of ours. Braz was paying for our stuff (Thanks bro) and took the oppertunity to talk with him a bit. Read more about that here.

I learned alot about passing out tracts today. It has been one of the  biggest struggles for me to over come my fear of rejection. I would sometimes rather stand up a do open air then pass out tracts. The thing I have learned that has helped me is that as long as you are, prayed up and trusting the Lord, calm, and make the tract seem like it is something they need, you cant go wrong. I sometimes like to say "Were passing these out and  we dont want to pass anyone over, did you get one?" This peaks there interest and they usually grab it. I also like to "be real." I like to find things to compliment them on as im holding out the tract for them to grab. I say things like, "Nice Shirt," I like that hat," or " Oh your a Eagles fan! I know you loose a lot of money on bets. here's a million to make up for your loss" O.K. I haven't use that last one yet but you get the picture.

Now I cant wait till the next adventure.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

John MacArthur: How Can We Witness if We don't know What the Gospel is?

This message by John MacArthur is entitled "How Can We Witness if We don't know What the Gospel is?"

This is a great question and the answer is you can't! So in this sermon John MacArthur explains the gospel.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paul Washer: Propitiation

Propitiation is a word that I ran across while reading, 50 Reasons Why Christ Came To Die, by John Piper. He quoted 1 John 4:10,  "Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins."

When I read this verse then read Pipers explanation, my eyes where opened wide! This one single word flipped what faith I already had on its head and really opened my heart to the true gospel of Christ! I went from weak kneed christian to a, solid, sold out believer, trusting in Jesus Christ alone for my salvation.
"Propitiation - Refers to the removal of Gods wrath by providing a substitute. The substitute is provided by God himself. The substitute, Jesus Christ, does not just cancel the wrath; he absorbs it and diverts it from us to himself. Gods wrath is just, and it was spent, not withdrawn!!!"
"Gods wrath for us as sinners (ie. Liars, thieves, idolaters ect) was spent not on us who deserve it, but on his own Son Jesus. because God is Both Just and Loving. his love is willing to meet the demands of his justice. and we are now made righteous because the sacrifice of Christ." ~ John Piper
Here is a clip of Paul Washer preaching on this beautiful word!

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