Sunday, June 29, 2008

The best Christian advise ever...

...From and athiest?

My thoughts are if an atheist understands and respects how true Christianity should be then why do we do this seeker sensitive wishy washy junk thats in the church today? Get real with it! You might bring people to Christ because they see the truth in your life and theology.

This video does have some great advise! I really thought the quote below was great for us evangelists who struggle with the fear of rejection.
"You shouldn’t take rejection personally, but consider it that you gave them a fighting chance. Give them a fighting chance at heaven. Even if you do have to risk offending someone or risk a friendship. It a simple mater of weighing priorities."

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Show 3 Witnessing at the FL mall and Loop

This weekend Shawn and I went down to the Florida Mall then to the loop to do some witnessing. Listen below to the Podcast.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

12 Sins We Blame on Others

Here is something I read on John Pipers blog. It was one of those times I felt like this was written for me and some of the people I know. I follow with some comments so continue reading

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12 Sins We Blame on Others
June 25, 2008 | By: Ben Reaoch
Category: Commentary

The following is a guest post by Ben Reaoch, pastor of Three Rivers Grace Church in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

It started in the Garden. Adam said to God,

The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate. (Genesis 3:12)

The first man, caught in the first sin, turns to blame his wife. And he extends the blame to God as well! He implies that he would have remained innocent if God hadn’t put Eve in the garden with him.

The blame-shifting in the Garden continues today. Our proud hearts send us desperately looking for someone else to point to every time we’re confronted with our own sin. There must be someone else—our spouse, sibling, parent, boss, co-worker, pastor, friend, or God, himself.

We are so desperate to justify ourselves that we become irrational. Here are 12 examples.

1) Anger

I wouldn’t lose my temper if my co-workers were easier to get along with, or if my kids behaved better, or if my spouse were more considerate.

2) Impatience

I would be a very patient person if it weren’t for traffic jams and long lines in the grocery store. If I didn’t have so many things to do, and if the people around me weren’t so slow, I would never become impatient!

3) Lust

I would have a pure mind if there weren’t so many sensual images in our culture.

4) Anxiety

I wouldn’t worry about the future if my life were just a little more secure—if I had more money, and no health problems.

5) Spiritual Apathy

My spiritual life would be so much more vibrant and I would struggle with sin less if my small group were more encouraging, or if Sunday school were more engaging, or if the music in the worship service were more lively, or if the sermons were better.

6) Insubordination

If my parents/bosses/elders were godly leaders, then I would joyfully follow them.

7) A Critical Spirit

It’s not my fault that the people around me are ignorant and inexperienced.

8) Bitterness

If you knew what that person did to me, you would understand my bitterness. How could I forgive something like that?

9) Gluttony

My wife/husband/roommate/friend is a wonderful cook! The things they make are impossible to resist.

10) Gossip

It’s the people around me who start the conversations. There’s no way to avoid hearing what others happen to say. And when others ask me questions, I can’t avoid sharing what I know.

11) Self-Pity

I’ll never be happy, because my marriage/family/job/ministry is so difficult.

12) Selfishness

I would be more generous if we had more money.

Making excuses like this is arrogant and foolish. It’s a proud way of trying to justify our actions and pacify our guilty consciences. And it keeps us from humbling ourselves before God to repent of our sins and seek his forgiveness.

Consider James 1:13-15, which leaves us with no way of escaping our own sin and guilt. We cannot blame God, for he “cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one.”

Instead, we have to accept the humbling truth that “each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.” This will end the blame game, and it will send us pleading for Christ’s mercy and grace."


Robert's Comments:

Its funny because I have heard people (including myself) blame others for their sin problem. For men its specifically #3. I always hear "well it was easier in bible times, they didn't have all these beautiful women, T.V. and the Internet." Every time I hear this I almost agree until I remember some things I learned about the biblical culture.

In Biblical times they actually had it worse! Not only did they have nude imagery painted and carved onto walls they also had the real thing! The Greco-Romans had many Gods. One of which was a fertility God. The cults that formed around this fertility God had orgy's and did many other sexually impure things. Not to mention the temples themselves were full of prostitutes and prostitution was actually LEGAL and affordable in Ancient Rome. you can read more about this here.

Not to mention all the stories we read about sexual impurity occurring in the Bible itself . Heres a few to note,
In the O.T. the Men of Sodom, Lot's two daughters, Shechem raped Diana, Onan spilled seed, Tamar enticed Judah, Samson & a Prostitute, David with Bathsheba, Amnon raped half sister, Absolom's public sex.
In the N.T. the Samaritan's six men, Adulterous woman forgiven, Woman who washed Jesus feet, Corinthian & man sleeps w/ fahter's wife, and Jezebel.

It just goes to show you that we are sinners by nature and there is no "perfect" situation were we can sin-less. But I will add that if the T.V. and/or the Internet cause you to fall into sin. Don't use them!!! Read a book or something!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Me Preaching The Gospel at Church

We are in the middle of series called "One Prayer" that requires us to unite with churches all around the globe and watch a few other Pastors preach via video. This week was pastor Chris Hodges from the Church of the Highlands. Since this week my Pastor was out of town he asked me to "fill in" and deliver the gospel message! I was elated and gladly accepted.

It was fun playing Pastor for the day. I even had the pleasure of standing by the door where my Pastor usually stands to shake hands and meet people. I met some of the nicest people and had some great conversations. I thank God for using me like that and my Pastor for trusting me.

Audio Below-->

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Monday, June 23, 2008

A.W. Pink and John MacArthur on False prophets

A.W. Pink~

“False prophets are to be found in the circles of the most orthodox, and they pretend to have a fervent love for souls, yet they fatally delude multitudes concerning the way of salvation. The pulpit, platform, and pamphlet hucksters have wantonly lowered the standard of divine holiness and so adulterated the Gospel in order to make it palatable to the carnal mind...Any preacher who rejects God’s law, who denies repentance to be a condition of salvation, who assures the giddy and godless that they are loved by God, who declares that saving faith is nothing more than an act of the will which every person has the power to perform is a false prophet and should be shunned as a deadly plague”

John MacArthur~

"False prophets talk much about the love of God but nothing of His holiness, much about people who are deprived but nothing about those who are depraved, much about God’s universal fatherhood of every human being but nothing about His unique fatherhood only of those who are His children through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, much about what God will give to us but nothing about obedience to Him, much about health and happiness but nothing about holiness and sacrifice. Their message is a message of gaps, the greatest gap of which leaves out the truth that saves."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

John Travolta takes a million

This is a great video add for my favorite gospel tract the "Million Dollar Bill." Although they have redesigned the bill I still have had a great success getting this into the hands of many people. It always brings about a laugh and they usually ask for more!

Watch this video to see it for yourself and to see if John Travolta will take one for himself.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Please keep it clean!

I have stated that this blog an open forum of discussion. I will post any comments that are not vulgar, they can be mean, but not vulgar. So please if you want to be heard talk with at least some intelligence and respect. Which brings me to a comment I received to my "P.I. on Gay Day" post.

The comment is vulgar so be warned.
"When I am at PI the last thing I want is some a@#%*%e preaching to me. Stay out, it is illegal for you to be doing that in the Universal Park or the Disney Park."
There are two things that bug me. Why is it that people feel the need to curse at us? Do they actually think were going to listen to anger and vulgarity. I my self respond best to logic and reason so if you want me to listen speak intelligently.

Its funny because in his reply he used the word "preach" that is the very thing he is doing in his comment to me. I'll rephrase it to illustrate and show how i felt about his sermon. "The very last thing i want to read on my blog is some "a@#%*%e" preaching that i shoulndt be out preaching."

The crazy thing is we don't "preach." First off we ask if the person minds talking to us. If so great if not oh well. Then we ask questions. Thats not offensive! Whats offensive is their answers to the questions and the reality it brings forth. That they are a Liar, a Thief, a Blasphemer ect.

Its actually an honor to have someone offended by the gospel I preach that lets me know its the right one! How many "Christians" do you know that have shared their faith to the point of persecution?

As for the last half of his comment about it being Illegal to evangelize and pass out tracks inside the Universal Park or the Disney Park. I will be checking into it and if it is I will gladly not pass out tracks but I will not relinquish on my First Amendment right to, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, I can talk to who ever where ever.


From my "legal department" otherwise known as NVS:


I just spoke with Disney, the rule on Disney property is “NO SOLICITING”

Here’s the Florida law on SOLICITATION:
Local ordinances that forbid solicitation may prevent door-to-door sales, but they cannot exclude Jehovah's Witnesses, political candidates or others who advocate a position, but do not offer or request money. Putting Fliers on a doors or handing them out is not soliciting.


Now I guess the only question remaining is, is using the Million Dollar Bill gospel tract considered "offering money?" :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Erin and brian in front of my house

Erin (left) Brian (right) showed up at my house on a "cold call" to try to sell me some cleaner. I of course used the oppertunity to share the gospel with them.

I must admit I wasnt on my "A game" I miss quoted a few verses, but despite brain fogg I know that God will use whatever attempt I can muster for His glory

Below is the audio for my pocast. It contains some background and details just before the encounter.


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Todd Bentley Craziness #101

Understanding some of the false teaching thats going on is helpful in evangelism. For me I like to see what Todd Bentley is up to because he is only a few miles from my house so I am bound to run into on one of his followers.

This has got to be the most disturbing clips of false teaching I have ever seen!!! These people are out of their minds! In my past I had a lot of wild nights but I think a Todd Bentley service tops any of the craziness Ive ever seen! I'm starting to think, if this guy is right then I've got it all wrong!!! On second thought I am a slave of Christ not of the Devil.

One of his last lines in the clip is "Don't try to figure it out with your head." to which i respond, Uumm... yea ok I wont because it would be impossible!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why would a loving God send his children to Hell?

A common objection I run into is "why would a loving God send his children to Hell?"
The premise of this objection begins with 2 wrong assumptions. Number one is the idea that God is "All Love." This is a common teaching in the modern church. This gives people that Idea that god does not hate or get angry. when in actuality scripture tells us differently,
Deu 12:31 "... for every abominable thing that the Lord hates they have done for their gods, for they even burn their sons and their daughters in the fire to their gods. Psa 5:5 The boastful shall not stand before your eyes; you hate all evildoers.
God does hate, He hates sin and the sinner and God will punish them with eternal Hell yes God does send people to hell but not ANY of HIS children. You see the faulty assumption is that ALL are children of God. The bible tells us that we are actually children of wrath and of the devil.
John 8:44 " of your father the devil...", Eph 2:3 "...were by nature the children of wrath"
So we are actually born what Hebrews 12:8 calls "illegitimate Children" and we only become actual children of God when we repent and put our faith in Jesus Christ.
John 1:12 "But to all who did receive him (Jesus), Who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God"
So the next time someone says something like, "I don't think a loving God would send any of his children to hell?" Say "Your right he doesn't send his children to hell! He only sends children of the devil to hell!" This gives new meaning to the phrase "Who's your daddy?"

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Next Bible The ESV Study Bible

Ok I have like 15 Bibles, most of which were either given to me or I purchased when I first got saved. I really couldn't ever decide on a translation. I have KJV, NLT, NIV, NKJV, NASB, and HCSB. The only ones I actually use are my wide margin NASB and my HCSB Apologetics study bible (Which is a beautiful bible). The problem is the NASB is sometimes cumbersome to read and the HCSB is a great read but not literal enough for my taste.

Then I discovered the ESV. This translation is beautiful to me! It is right between the NASB and HCSB (Actually closer to the NASB.) Though I am not into translation criticism I have done a bit of research and it seems that the ESV is translated well and is supported by some of my favorite teachers including, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, D.R. R.C. Sproul and more

The main reason I have yet to buy an ESV is because they are generally expensive, they don't have a good wide margin, and although they have the reformation study bible and the literary study bible they didn't have a general study bible that I liked until now (actually October.)

I just found out that they are releasing the ESV STUDY BIBLE in Oct 2008. Though it doesnt have wide margins with its 2,752 pages (thats around 700 more then my study bible) and its 20,000 notes this is a beast of a bible! You can read more about its features here.

This is also an affordable bible starting at $31.00 for the hard cover $54.00 for the leather and up to $151.00 for the premium calf skin. So if your looking for a new study bible the ESV Study Bible is the one for you!

I will post a review once I get my hands on one!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Paul Washer: Examine yourself

Self examination is always hard to do but it is something we are told to do and It will keep you walking straight!

Examine your self by Paul washer.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bible Verse Memorization

Bible Verse Memorization is one of the most important things you can do as a Christian. First it helps store away Gods truths into your heart so you know how to live. Second it is essential for evangelism because only Gods word has the power to convert a soul.

If you are like most and have trouble with memorizing there is a great web site that will aid in your quest. is a web site that once you sign up will send you a succession of emails the first containing the verse to memorize that will require you to retype the whole verse. Then rest of the emails will have random blanks to fill in. you can see a demo here.

I signed up for the "Evangelism explosion" program and it has greatly increased my memorization.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Million Dollar Bill has just announced the release of the new Million Dollar Bill gospel tract available here.

The new tract features a more realistic design and a more thorough gospel message. The message is not written around the back edge anymore (I'm gunna miss watching people flipping it around as they read) but instead is split into portions on the back.

the new message reads,
"The million-dollar question: Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here's a quick test. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything, or used God's name in vain? Jesus said, "Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Have you looked with lust? Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? If you have done those things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. The Bible warns that if you are guilty you will end up in Hell. That's not God's will. He sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross for you. You broke God's Law, but Jesus paid your fine. That means He can legally dismiss your case. He can commute your death sentence: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Then He rose from the dead and defeated death. Please, repent (turn from sin) today and trust in Jesus alone, and God will grant you the gift of everlasting life. Then read your Bible daily and obey it."

Frindship evangelism

Presently, I am discipling a group of men in my church. As part of the discipleship, we are reading "Holiness," by J. C. Ryle. This wonderful book, written 130 years ago, is biblical and it is applicable to today's Christian. The book, although not intended to be, is prophetic. It is prophetic in that much of what Ryle writes about the Church of his time is characteristic of today's Church, many times over.

"Holiness" is a must read for every Christian.

In the chapter titled "A Woman to be Remembered," which is about Lot's wife, Ryle writes the following:

"God knows that I never speak of hell without pain and sorrow. I would gladly offer the salvation of the gospel to the very chief of sinners. I would willingly say to the vilest and most profligate of mankind on his deathbead, 'Repent and believe on Jesus, and thou shalt be saved.' But God forbid that I should ever keep back from mortal man that Scripture reveals a hell as well as heaven, and that the gospel teaches that men may be lost as well as saved. The watchman who keeps silence, when he sees fire, is guilty of gross neglect; the doctor who tells us we are getting well when we are dying, is a false friend, and the minister who keeps back hell from his people in his sermons is neither a faithful nor a charitable man.

"Where is the charity of keeping back any portion of God's truth? He is the kindest friend who tells me the whole extent of my danger. Where is the use of hiding the future from the impenitent and the ungodly? Surely it is like helping the devil, if we do not tell them plainly that, 'The soul that sinneth shall surely die.' Who knows but the wretched carelessness of many baptized persons arises from this, that might be converted, if ministers would urge them more faithfully to flee from the wrath to come? Verily, I fear we are many of us guilty in this matter; there is a morbid tenderness among us which is not the tenderness of Christ. We have spoken of mercy, but not of judgment; we have preached many sermons about heaven, but few about hell; we have been carried away by the wretched fear of being thought 'low, vulgar and fanatical'. We have forgotten that He who judgeth us is the Lord, and that the man who teaches the same doctrine that Christ taught cannot be wrong" (pp. 171-172).

Let me stated it plainly. Those who read this blog and who practice what is commonly referred to as "friendship evangelism" (which, according to how it is most commonly practiced is a contradiction of terms), and who find it unnecessary and even offensive to talk to lost people about God's wrath, judgment and the reality of hell are neither a friend nor an evangelist to sinners bound for the very place about which they are afraid to speak. If this is you, then you are merely one among the throng of professing Christians who, in the end, care more about what the lost think of you than where the lost will spend eternity. In the end, you care more about the personal benefits you derive from your friendship with the lost than you do about your lost friend. In the end, friendship evangelism is about you and not your lost friend.

Think about it, please.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Advertising Evangelism

I found this ad in "The Queer edition" of The Orlando Weekly while out evangelizing during Gay Days weekend. Thought it was cool.

What changed me

This is part 2 to my testimony part one can be found here

in 2001 I started a small business to try to "Get legit" at the same time I met my wife so I started to slow down a bit. But it wasn't until I went to a funeral for a friend of mine in 2005 that I first heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I actually went to this funeral just to show my old friends that would be in attendance that I was "Balling" (that means making lots of money for the old folks.)

I never went there expecting to be transformed but, what I heard that day changed me. I found out that I was a sinner,Which some how was actually news to me because I was always told that "Jesus loves me”, this had given me false assurance! Actually I found out that I was an enemy of God (Rom 8:7, Col 1:21, James 4:4) because I had done all the things he said "Thou shall not". I was a law breaker (1st john 3:4) heading to an eternity of hell fire (Revelation 21:8) and I deserved it for sinning against the very God who gave me life (Psalm 139:13). It is true that “Jesus loved” me in the sense that, He loved me enough to warn me of the wrath to come, then die on the cross as my substitute ( 2 Cor 5:21) and if I repent from my sin (Luke 13:3-5) and trust in him as my Lord (Luke 14:26-33) and Saviour I will be reconciled (2 Cor 5:19) with my God.

That's when the preacher told us the "good news" That God did not desire that I go to hell (2 Peter 3:9) so God made away. God became flesh in the person of Jesus (John 1:14) and lived the perfect sinless life that I could not (1 Peter 2:22, 1:19) . Then he died on the cross to pay the penalty (1 john 4:10) that was due and If I repent (Turn from my sin) and trust in Him I receive his righteousness (2 Cor 5:21) and become Justified (Rom 5:1) before a Holy God. I stood up in that church and received that gift and have never been the same!

Notice I never tried nor wanted to change, but God by the power of the Holy Spirit began a change in me that not only made my views of everything in this world to change, but also my views on God. He is now the center of my life I live for Him I desire to know him more. My new purpose in life is like Paul in the amplified version of Philippians 3:10.

[For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly], and that I may in that same way come to know the power outflowing from His resurrection [which it exerts over believers], and that I may so share His sufferings as to be continually transformed [in spirit into His likeness even] to His death, [in the hope]

I thank God for rescuing me from the bondage of sin to which I was a slave (John 8:34). Now having been on the other side of Gods wrath and knowing what its like to be caught in a lifestyle that was all about serving self. I now have a heart to see those that are like I once was to become like I now am, a child of the Most High God (John 1:12). Thats why the web site, the blog, the music, the ministry, the evangelism, I want to see people saved and in a right relationship with God.

To be in a right relationship with God requires allot. First you must realize that your a sinner by looking at the 10 commandments to see if you've kept them (or take the Good Person Test.) If you have not kept them you need to repent of that sin then confess to God that you need a saviour and that you trust in his son Jesus' sacrifice on the cross as the payment for your sins. Then read your bible and believe and obey what it says.

If you have done this or have questions please email me.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Todd Bentley Crazyness #100: Violence

This is a video of Todd Bentley the leader of the Florida "revival." Watch this video to see the violence in his teachings. Are they from God? You decide.

Listen to Todd Friel commenting on this video

P.I. on gay day

Friday night Shawn and I went to Pleasure Island with the hopes of witnessing to one of the thousands of gays in town for Gay Days Orlando. With our Homosexual tracts packed and our hopes high we set out to share the gospel with the masses! Only it didnt go down as hoped.

On the way to P.I. we stopped off at Chick-fila (My favorite) and it was full of homosexuals. Now mind you I have never been around a homosexual before so I was a bit taken back to see two guys holding hands and cuddling. After some fellowship and we got our belly's full we head over to P.I. and get prayed up before we go on our mission.

Once at P.I. the scene was pretty exciting there were street musicians (contracted by P.I.) and lots of people. It seemed as though any guys we saw walking together were assumable gay. After a few minutes we relized that there were but a few actual gays and now our whole game plan was shot. We didnt want to hand the "gay" tracts to straight men because we figured it would be weired.

So with our game plan shot we resort to old faithful, the Million Dollar Bill. We walked around passing them out and talking to people but nothing real exciting until around 9:00 when we caught 2 young men picking up some dropped bills. So I called them over and began to witness to them.

The oldest was Adam (Agnostic) and the youngest Charles (Catholic). It was pretty text book as I started into the conversation. I started light then gave the good person test and the oldest one understood he was going to hell. Then I asked him "Does that scare you?" he replied with a smug "No." So I pressed a few more times and he was not at all verbaly concerened but his body language seemed like he might be. So I decided I would not "Throw pearls before swine" and give him grace so I tried to end the conversation and ended up in genral conversation.

When I finaly ended the conversation and said bye they just stood there looking pitiful so I asked, "You good, you alright?" and Adams reply was, "Im just thinking about stuff." I aked him what he was thinking and he said, "I dont want to commit adultry." I thought he said that he "Did want to" so I replied "you do?" he said "not right now." Thats when I relised that he might be ready for grace and I delivered the best I could.

The rest of the converstation went well until his mom called him and he was having trouble hearing her. Then my phone rang (it was David) and with all the commotion of the night and the phones distracting us I didnt do so well on communicating repentance.

I gave the boys my card and left them to have their fun and would you believe they called me the next day and I got some more time to talk to them! God is good.

You can listen in the player below.

Confession: (you have to listen to the audio to understand this confession) I have actually been around Eminem! Well actually Ive been around a friend who has a friend who has been around the rapper Proof who is in the same group as Eminem called D12. Does that count?

I dont know why I told him I had been. Pray for me!! lol :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trusting in good works: Dr. David Downs

"Those who are trusting their good works for salvation have not truly repented. Repentance turns away from reliance upon works to reliance upon Christ who died for our sins." ~Dr. David Downs from his gospel tract True Repentance.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Credit Card Tract

This is one of my favorite tracts for "Drive by Evangelism." I love to leave it with a tip or in the gas pump card slot. You can purchase it here.

We have actually designed our own Credit Card Tract and will be making the file available for download soon.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Drive by evangelism: New use for junk mail

I first saw this idea on and was excited to try it for myself.

What you do is when you get one of those annoying credit card offers, in stead of throwing it away like normal, save it! there is actually something important in there. A free "postage paid" envelope just screaming for a gospel tract! This is a great way to get tracts out if you are shy, disabled, don't have time, or are looking for more ways to share your faith.

Just open it up place a couple tracts in there and wallah(sp)! A few people somewhere in America (In this case Philly) get a gospel tract! Finally something good to do with those annoying offers!

If your like me when I learned about this you will actually be waiting for junk mail!

UPDATE: Since I posted this I have mailed out 15 of these in one month!! Thats 15+ people that will have the gospel in their hands!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The "Loop" Hole

David and Shawn

In my last post I promised a story or two from the first night at our newest fishing hole "The Loop." The Loop is a basically and outdoor shopping mall it has a Movie Theater and great array of stores ranging from Kohles to Circuit City.

There is not many places to hang out in the Kissimmee area so the Movie Theater at the Loop is a Friday night hotspot and it was only logical that we go were the fish are. The demographic was a little younger then expected. Mostly your Middle and early High school teenage type, which at first was actually intimidating. But we got over it and stayed faithful to our calling.

Our first stop was the Movie Theater. There were tons of kids as it was the night before graduation. So we stood in front of the theater not really knowing how to approach this mass of people. It was loud and there was allot of cursing and laughter and it was a bit over whelming.

As we stood there trying to get over our fears and figure out what to do or say Shawn stepped out and broke the ice. He went over to a group of Urban Teens and gave them all a Biggie and Tupac Tract and As he was doing that I decided to hit the long line of people waiting to purchase a movie ticket. I passed out a stack of the Ticket to heaven tracts. It was cool because they thought it was a free movie ticket so most of the people were reaching over each other to get one for themselves.

At this point we started to gain a little confidence but had not been able to stur up any conversations. So after trying out the Tickets and the Tupac tracts with no luck we decided to switch bait and pulled out our trusty Million dollar bills. We then walked up and down handing them out with still no luck.

We gathered back together and discussed our ordeal. Was it us? Were we not being diligent enough? So we talked about it and decided that we would give the next 30mins our best to try spark a conversation.

No sooner then we split up it happened. I seen a lone teen that David had earlier given a million to. So I approached him and asked, "did you read the back of that bill" and he said he had not. I then noticed he was wearing headphones and offered him a free Holy Hip Hop C.D. and used that to swing it into the spiritual.

He was a nice young man but turned out to be guilty like the rest of us and was humbled by the Law and happy to hear that God made a way to forgive him. It was a great witness opportunity and you can listen to it below (Its very hard to hear because there were so many people around us)

After I finished up I turned around and there stood a member of our church youth group Julian and a few of his friends. I immediately sprang into action and used me and Julian's common ground to spring board into the spiritual. You can listen below

As I ran the group through the Law I was starting to gather a crowd so David snagged another group of 5 or so kids that was curious to my conversation. This was awesome! David would finally have his first opportunity to witness to strangers. I wasn't able to listen to the whole thing but from what I heard it went well. I did catch him explaining to them how to trust Jesus using a parachute analogy and I got it on film.

After the Loop we spent time in prayer then came to my house and fellowshiped till 2:00 in the morning. It was a great night God allowed us to be used and the gospel was proclaimed.

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