Friday, April 30, 2010

Jail Book Drive

Boxes of books headed for the jail
Thank you all who donated books for the christian library at the Orange County Jail. Because of your generosity we were able to collect over 1,500 books!

These books were weeded through and only the biblically sound material made the final cut, putting us at a final of over 1,000 books.

I am very grateful for the people and ministries who donated. I would like to thank Desiring God, Ligonier, Stand To reason, Charles Lieter, Tony Miano, Prison Book Project, and Scott Smith for their generous donations.

Though we recieved all these books we are still in need of bibles (any size or translation) and study helps such as, lexicons, concordances, commentaries, theologies, dictionaries, ect.

We could also use christian movies for movie night, sermons, and teachings either DVD or VHS.

If God puts it on your heart to donate materials or money to by materials please contact me by email at

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