Monday, November 30, 2009

Biblical Parenting

In October 2008, Mars Hill Church hosted a Biblical Parenting Conference with Dr. Tedd Tripp, who presented biblical teaching on topics from formative instruction to corrective discipline. Listen to streaming audio or watch video by clicking on the link

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bring The Noiz to Jamaica

 Here is a video montage of our recent trip to Jamaica. I could write so many things about this trip but I couldn't begin to communicate the work of God in the hearts of the people and of us evangelists Missionaries, particularly myself. So I hope this video will do. If you want details just call me.

God uses atheist to preach the gospel.

This is a story onvolving 2 friends of mine and I wanted to repost it here. It is from the Fish With Trish blog.~
Last Thursday my friends Jon Speed and Tim Crawfordheaded up to the University of North Texas to share their faith. Prior to going, they put in for a free speech permit two months ago and The Dean of Students Office honored the permit for the 19th. But with in that 2 month period UNT changed their free speech policy - so after the 19th UNT won't allow any open-air preachers on campus unless they have a sponsoring student organization.

On Thursday, Jon preached for the last time on the Sovereignty of God and how God is Sovereign even when He allows the UNT administration to change their free speech policy so that open-air preachers cannot come on campus without a sponsoring student organization.

After he finished, a young atheist man named Stewartwho they have witnessed to several times and who was on Wretched Radio with me in February of this year(you might remember him from my "Stewart has a problem" video) asked Jon about what he was saying with regard to the free speech policy. Jon explained as Stewart listened, "The Dean of Students office will not allow us back on the campus without student group sponsorship and that most Christian student groups don’t like to be aligned with open-air preaching (or any evangelism for that matter)".

Stewart left, made a phone call, and came back and said that he has a secular student organization that would be willing to sponsor Jon and Tim's ministry and that he would be willing to be the contact person backing them. He gave them his phone number and the authorization to put the student organization name on the application!

I was so filled with joy when I heard this!

In other words, an atheist is helping Christians so that they can continue to preach at UNT!

Stewart told Jon, "I don’t agree with your message, but I hate to see anyone’s right to free speech taken away. You have the right to be heard."

Isn't this wonderful!

In Jon's words, "Our Sovereign God is able to use atheists to keep the gospel coming to UNT."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free Audio Book: Desiring God by John Piper

Download the audiobook version of this great book for free Here.

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