Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Blogpost Round Up.

Thought I would round up some interesting links for you to enjoy on Christmas eve. You ought to be spending time with the family, reading the scriptures, and/praying. If you have done those things and have some extra time, DIG IN.

Desiring God articles on Christology (nice and short for your short attention span). Jesus is Lord, Jesus is God, Jesus as treasure.

Some great J.C. Ryle quotes on the theme of the wise men. Monday 12/21: Servants Where You Least Expect TheTuesday 12/22: A Splendid Example of Spiritual Diligence Wednesday 12/23: A Striking Example of Faith Thursday 12/24: A Memorial to the Wise Men

A free poster that succinctly explains the most important theological ideas about the prophesies of Jesus and/or the Expiation poster. Hang them somewhere on your wall to use as reference or teaching.

Come all ye faithful sing along.

Christmas music for you rockers!

I cant forget the hip hoppers. Kathy Lee Gifford breaks it down YO!

The beloved classic monologue from Linus, from Charlie Browns Christmas.

The Atheist celebrate this holiday too. Have you ever wondered what their cards look like? Wonder no more!

This ones for my HomeSchooling Homies!

A little fun for the whole family (or at least the biblically literate) with Nativity Trivia.

Immanuel, God with us! What does that mean? James White (The Man) explains. Also listen to the cross fire segment of his debate about the Deity of Christ.

See what Jesus upholds by the word of his power

The Nativity Hymn is long but worth reading (or singing if your into that).

If you're still bored and want another list of links (that are probably better than mine) go here

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