Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bring The Noiz to Jamaica

 Here is a video montage of our recent trip to Jamaica. I could write so many things about this trip but I couldn't begin to communicate the work of God in the hearts of the people and of us evangelists Missionaries, particularly myself. So I hope this video will do. If you want details just call me.


  1. This is simply wonderful! What a great mission. Very touching, indeed. Now that is true evangelism! Man, such poverty of body and spirit.

    I praise God for your obedience,dedication and compassion. I would like to post this video on my blog soon, if I may. Well done!

  2. Thanks for the comment paul! Your observations of the people is very accurate.

    Feel free to post it where ever you like!

  3. You're on!

    Am really enjoying perusing your site. New2me.

    The Lord's continued blessings to you and your ministry.

  4. I was really impressed with this video. Too often, short term mission trips are just glorified vacations. When you listen to the mission report, the only one who seems to have had their life changed is the missionary. And usually it's something shallow like, "God opened my eyes to the poverty in other countries." Or... "The children were just so precious." No mention of the gospel. The concern is only for the the people's material needs. Not their spiritual needs. It's cool to see you guys doing real missionary work.


  5. That is a great point steve. I talked to a "missionary" the other day who went to a third world country and had the same observations you quoted above. After listening to their story for a bit I shared mine and they looked dumbfounded at the idea of confronting people with the gospel.

    I had those observations about Jamaica but even more than that God opened my eyes to how spiritually poor ALL man is! It is evident by the crime rate and the hard hearts of the Jamaicans but also because of the false gospel of prosperity that is flooding their country from America and the glaring lack of evangelization to their people as noted by our tour guide when he said, "I have driven tons of missionaries around as a driver and non of them has ever done what you guys do. Nor has any of them ever tried to personally witness to me. We usually just tour the town, go from church to church, eat and sing."


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