Saturday, September 26, 2009


I had an interesting experience at the killing place the other day and thought I would share. It was a Wednesday morning, which is the late term abortion day, and a young couple pulls into the clinic in a Mercedes SUV. They parked in the back about 20 feet from our “safe zone” (We are not allowed on the clinics property). The young man stepped out of the vehicle to smoke a cigarette. I lifted my voice to get his attention. I warned him that what he was about to do was murder and that he would be held accountable to God on judgment day. This got his attention, so I began to reason with him. I explained that when someone is sent to prison for murdering an infant they usually have to be separated from the main population. I explained that even the lowest of criminals see murdering an infant as detestable. I told him of a man in the news recently that threw his 4yr old daughter over a cliff because he no longer wanted to pay the mother child support. I asked him if that was wrong? He spoke up and said, “yes!!” I informed him that is exactly what he was doing. His child was an inconvenience so he was going to murder it. This awakened his conscience and he came over to chat with me. His name was James.

James was in his mid twenties and already had 2 other children. He told me that his girlfriends’ mom was encouraging them to have the abortion. Not only that, she provided the vehicle and the 1,000+ dollars to do it. I pulled out a pamphlet to show him what an aborted baby looks like. When he saw the picture he turned pale and asked, “Is that what there going to do to my baby?” I then had to inform him that what he was looking at was only a ten weeks gestation abortion, his was over 20 weeks and when I showed him a picture of that, and Patte described the process for him, he began to panic. He said, “I have to try and stop her!” At that point he went back to the car.

About a half an hour later I see James and his girlfriend on the side of the building in what appeared to be a heated discussion. James was holding one of her arms as if to try and stop her. She snatched her arm from his grip and coldly stormed into the clinic. James was visibly upset so I called him over. He said that he was trying to talk her out of it, but that she wouldn’t listen. I spent some time consoling James and witnessing to him when Patte smith walks up and tells this young man to do something so unthinkable that I could hardly contain my emotions.

Patte told James something like, “If you love that baby I want you to do something, I want you to be there for that baby when it is delivered (At this stage the woman would be induced and give birth to the baby in the toilet.) If that baby is born alive, which happens, then you can call 911 and as it is dying you need to hold that baby and let him know that his daddy loved him. Then take some pictures of the body so that the world can know what goes on inside a clinic so your sons life wasn’t in vain” James was shocked! I began to cry. Shawn was already crying and Patte was dead serious.

I do not know what happened to James’ baby. We gave him our contact number in either case, but we haven’t heard anything. What I do know is that there was a man who wanted to save his child from being murdered, but the “choice” of a woman out weighed the choice of a loving father. I have not been able to get the sight of a murderous mother snatching her arm away from a father who wanted to save the life of his unborn child!


  1. The arrival of reliable contraception has greatly reduced the risk of unwanted pregnancies, but still they happen. Unfortunately abortion is a side-product of these unwanted pregnancies and while I personally find the thought of abortion repugnant, I also find the thought of some self-righteous band of do-gooders outside an abortion clinic also rather distasteful.

    It is one of the great ironies of Western society that the more liberal a society the lower its teenage pregnancy rate and the lower its rate of abortions. Alas one of the worst places in the world, among developed countries, for teenage and unwanted pregnancies is America. In the Netherlands where there is a promotion of sex education in schools and where there is considerable tolerance of various degrees of sexuality, the rate of abortions per 1,000 women of the population is about 15% that of America (i.e. 85% fewer abortions per 1,000 women – see: in addition to a much lower rate overall of teenage pregnancies and single mothers. This suggests that the way to overcome abortion and moreover teenage and unwanted pregnancy is good sex education in schools, easy access to contraception and a more liberal and tolerant society. Waving placards around and harassing abortion clinics does seem to deliver the goods – though no doubt those who are doing the waving of the placards can go home bathed in self-righteousness even if their actions produce little in terms of social change.

    It is also interesting to note that in countries where there is a thorough sex education in schools that the age at which children loose the virginity is also considerably higher than in countries where there is poor sex education (see:

    This evidence suggests that what would be much more useful in the reduction of abortions would be extensive and liberal sex education in schools and a more tolerant society concerning sexuality in general. It is ironic that Bible-Belt America has some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and high rates of STDs compared with the rest of America and far in excess of those in ‘liberal’ European counties. Though this is echoed in Africa – the more Christian many African countries the higher their HIV/AIDS infection rate. Hence it can be concluded that enforcing religious values is not a defence against these social ills. If you really want to stop abortion clinics lobby your local and national government for better sex education in schools, greater access to contraception and a liberalisation to attitudes to sex and sexuality! It works in Europe and I am sure it would work in the US.

    I will add, reading the story of James that there is also an element of the pathology of women going on here – you met James outside an abortion clinic – he had two children already (from this relationship or another?) and you were able to judge (from this brief encounter) that he was a loving father? Come come, less of the arrogance and judgementalism – you don’t know what kind of father this man is/would be nor the circumstances leading up the abortion. We tend to see what we want to see and since you’re supposed to be a Christian I’d have expected you to think very carefully before you begin to judge this and other women in the manner your words in this post suggest. I can well imagine you dragging this woman before JESUS and telling JESUS she should be stoned. And I am sure you know Jesus’ answer to that request... I agree what the woman is doing is wrong, both ethically and for her own emotional well-being – but I think you’d need to know the full story before judging her as harshly as you are going. To understand all is to forgive all...

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I first read this blog post a few days ago. It is still heartbreaking to think about Jame's son. I too was saddened when I read about what Patte had told James to do. However, I do feel she was right in suggesting it. I pray that James, his girlfriend and her mom will repent of their sins and surrender their lives to CHRIST. I evangelize, but haven't been to any killing places. However, I will make plans to evangelize there soon, Lord willing. While evangelizing though, my brother and I unfortunately have come across people that sickingly express gladness because they can legally kill unborn babies. The unregenerate heart is a detestable thing in the sight of God. I cannot understand how bad it truly is, but do not like it when I see people glorifying in their sinful behavior.


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