Monday, September 21, 2009

Carrying The Cross

Lately I have been reading about some of my evangelist friends and acquaintances carrying homemade crosses out in public places. At first all I could think of was the "Crazy Cross Guy" that I saw once when I was young. I thought to myself "That is crazy people are only going to think your a loon if you stand there holding a cross." The more I thought about it the more I realized I'm already a "loon" in the eyes of the world and the lukewarm church. I already have an uncommon ministry that most people think is foolish, though it is the same ministry Jesus, The Apostles and the Great preachers of our past participated in. Even with that thought in mind I was still a bit apprehensive until I saw this video. Then I was convinced that I should do it.

So this past friday night I spent a few minutes in my garage putting together a cross. It was simple to put together. I used some left over 1x4 from a previous project then used some of my wife's scrap-booking stickers for the letters. The letters could be bigger but it will do for now.

The Debut
Saturday would be the debut of my new cross. I was a bit nervous about doing it so I called a couple friends to see if they would join and none of them could. I think this was God wanting me to face my fears alone. So I hopped in my truck and drove down to the local park. I had butterflies in my stomach and conflicting thoughts in my head. It was strange to me because I have open air preached in all sorts of places and for the most part have been able to overcome fear, but when I pulled in to the park and saw all those people I began to tremble.

After a time of prayer I jumped out with my cross in hand and made the walk toward all the people. It was windy out and the gusts would cause me to have to grip the cross pretty hard to keep it steady. Once I made it to all the people I began to feel their stares. Most people just had a look of shame on their face. Not shame for themselves but as if to shame me for doing what I was doing. I felt like an outcast, a lunatic, a religious zealot!

It was such a blessing to carry that cross. Though my experience pales in comparison, the stares, the laughs, and my mixed emotions, caused me to see in a new light what my Lord must have suffered while he was carrying His cross. I am humbled to be His servant and look forward to doing it more often.

Cross Carriers that inspired me.


  1. Robert -

    Way to go dude!! My cross is yet another means of starting a conversation and getting a question asked to thousands of people without ever having to say a word.

    Paul and Tony were the inspiration for me to build the cross too.

    My debut had over 3,300 cars see the cross in one hour. I was nervous too.....I asked myself, "Why would I be nervous for just holding a cross when I have witnessed on the streets of Atlanta and in prisons?" Of course tht was just the enemy doing his best to talk me out of it.

    I posted aboutthe experience at (

    Keep up the good work in the Lord!


  2. Hey Robert,

    I might have said this a hundred times already, or maybe I've just thought it a billion times, or I know I've told my Parents a billion times!!! I WISH OUR FAMILIES COULD MEET ONE TIME!! BUT!! I have awesome, amazing news! I just told my Mom for the millionth time how I wish our families could meet and she said they will if not on earth, in heaven one day! Isn't that AWESOME. I mean DUH! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT! NOW I'M SATISFIED...if we don't meet on earth in person :). Haha. Meeting in heaven will be way better then on earth!

    Blessings!! I have you and your family in my prayers!!,


    Ps. Have a blessed week!

  3. I am almost positive it will be before that. I know that I will be doing some sort of ministry in Idaho someday. If not i am almost 30 so heaven isnt to far away for me. You on the other hand have to wait a bit longer! lol

  4. That would be awesome if you came down to ID for a bit.

    Yeah. I do have to wait quite a bit. Unless I die young. Haha

    You still have a ways to go though. My Grandpa lived to be 75 I think. And my Grandma is going to be it 85? In November.

    So you still can have quite a ways to go.


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