Thursday, September 24, 2009

Abortion Clinic Ministry

A few months ago I received a friend request from a woman on face book named Patte Smith. I accepted the friend request and unbeknownst to me it would change my life. Patte Smith turned out to be a ProLife Advocate and a veteran clinic counselor. Once I accepted the friend request I began to see her posts in my newsfeed. She would post images, articles, quotes, links, and prayer requests that were all in reference to abortion. Up to this point I purposefully avoided this topic because it made me very uncomfortable. But as she kept posting things I would read them and slowly but surely I began to desire to learn more about it. What I found was sickening! Since 1973 43-46 million babies have been murdered in the united states, some at pretty advanced stages in the pregnancy. God finally broke my heart and I started joining Patte at a local clinic (or killing place as it called).

My first day at the clinic I was in shock! The people would just waltz up to the door, casually, ready to kill their babies. I started the day the clinic does late term abortions. I would see women with huge bellies entering this place to have there babies murdered. The coldness that we received from them and the fathers was unbelievable. I was so broken that first day I cried a few times, I couldn't eat for days, when I would close my eyes I could see the faces of those woman and men as they sat out front and casually filled out the paper work while ignoring our pleas from a few feet away.

I am so overwhelmed as I write this post that it would be emotionally impossible for me to tell some of the life and death dramas I have witnessed unfold right before my eyes. This ministry is by far the most physically and phycologicly taxing ministry I have participated in to date.

I will not freak you guys out by posting images of aborted babies here on the blog, but I would request that you come face to face with this reality by placing before your eyes the truth in photos by going here

If you want to get involved in this sort of ministry Patte Has written an informative article on how to get started. You can read that here. You may also like to watch a very informative interview with Patte Smith here

In closing I just ask that my readers pray for us and others like us. I am struggling pretty hard right now with what has been going on right under my nose for all these years. Even more because years ago, I lost a child against my will, to this method of murder!


  1. Hi! Thank you for your post and for sharing your experience. I would just like to say that I have a very, very dear friend to me that I've been witnessing to for years that has had such a hard time coming to CHRIST. I found out that she had an abortion several years ago and has felt so guilty about it that she doesn't feel that GOD can forgive her. It is such a painful and sensitive topic that I can only say a few things to her before it is too much for her to bear. While I totally appreciate and support you sticking up for the unborn (as we all should do passionately) I also believe that we need to recognize that not all women and men who have this done are calloused and cold towards the process. They may appear that way when they have the procedure done but deep down inside they know it is wrong and they hate themselves because of it. Think of what Satan can do to discourage someone who has committed this great sin. Imagine the words and voices he can put into their heads. First, he convinces them that this is the perfect solution to their problem. Then, once they get it done he really pours into them the message that they are worthless and that GOD will never love them for what they did. Again, while I totally appreciate and agree with you that we should most definitely take a stand for the unborn and have compassion on those innocent lives, let us please not also forget to have compassion and love for those who have been deceived by this tragic decision that they believe is their solution but ends up bringing such despair, pain, and guilt. I have seen so many posts against abortion (which again is so important), but I have NEVER seen one post reaching out in love to those who have committed this wretched sin, letting them know about the power of GOD's forgiveness and healing. There are people out there hurting and trying to cover up the pain, and think that the church (the body of CHRIST) will not receive them because of their past sin. They are indirectly told by Christians over and over again the message that abortion is wrong and it is sin/murder, but they are not approached in love and are not told about the forgiveness of JESUS that can wash away their guilt and sin and make them white as snow. I find that to be a tragedy!!! Let us please be sensitive to loving those who are "sinners" and who have been played into the hands of the enemy of their soul, whose main purpose is to keep them from GOD, and now has them trapped by their gross sin and the guilt and condemnation that it brings. Lets please share with them the hope that is found in JESUS... for only He can break the chains of bondage to sin and release their foot from the snare. Thank you for your time and GOD bless.

  2. PRAISE GOD for you Brother!! I am so glad you have seen the need to stand up for the "Least of these" and take the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST to the streets in front of the abortion clinic.
    I will be praying for you!

  3. RC, Can you give us some scriptures to support what you are saying about mothers who sin by killing their babies? Thanks.


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