Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 500 2009

For the second year after the Deeper Conference ended 500 people from across the US hit the streets of Atlanta. Last year I was still fairly new to Open air preaching so I was a bit shy still. However this year was a different story. Now that Ive "earned my wings" in the streets I was less reserved and able to have an absolute blast with my team. There are tons of stories to tell but this video montage will have to do.

Other videos from the 500
Violent guy threatens Shawn
Roberts entire sermon
Mike Poddos debute open air sermon

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  1. Hey! I love the videos posted from the 500! They turned out great! God was so powerful in that desolate place & I feel so blessed to have been there & been used by God in any capacity! He is so Awesome! Question: are these all the videos that were taken? I only ask because it was my first time up on "the box" that night & I remember someone recording it, but I wasn't sure who it was. I would love to see it, if it was either you or someone else you know of. May He continue to use us & teach us any which way that brings Him the most glory!


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