Thursday, July 9, 2009

American Idol Auditions

This week I spent 3 of my mornings, along with Brother Jason Karroll, witnessing to the throngs of people who flocked to the American Idol tryouts at the Amway Arena here in Orlando. It was really hard to plan this outreach because it was not posted on the Amway schedule and there was virtually no information on start time's. We were also unable to get a permit for our loud speaker because some protesters had beat us to it (I guess they only issue one per event).

We showed up the first morning during the registration to find a few thousand in line waiting to submit their paper work. So we went for the jugular. We walked straight into the crowd of people and began to preach. Jason stood up on the stool and used Michael Jacksons death as a segway into the gospel. Its amazing how attentive the people where up to the point Jason mentions The Bible. You can hear the people in the video above express their disdain at the mere mention of Gods word. Then the security guards move in. We were ultimately threatened with jail by the police and banned from the property for the stay of the event.  So we moved to our usual spot across a small street and Open air preached.

We had a bunch of people sit to listen and some great conversations as a result of our meager efforts. We witnessed to people from all over the country. One guy, a Jew, flew all the way from Israel to join the competition. He was an interesting conversation and I think we both learned a lot. He left us with some proofs that Jesus was the Messiah and a New Testament that he promised to read.

All in all it was a great time. I just pray that next year more Christians will come out to help in the effort. 2 vrs. 9,000 are not the best of odds. I wonder if thats the picture Jesus had in mind when he said, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." (Luke 10:2)

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  1. The workers are few, indeed. I keep getting the thumbs-down from local pastors whenever I mention open-air preaching!

    "In our culture, there's no context for that..."


    "Jesus went to the synagogues to preach..."

    Etc. ANYTHING but open air preaching! Not that! It's bad enough the world shuns it, but the CHURCH?! Wha-!?!

    Keep it up. You still inspire.


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