Friday, May 8, 2009

Tribute To Open Air Preacher

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  1. That's a great compilation! Did you all preach in that lower steps area off of Central back there on Cinco de Mayo? That would be an awesome place to preach when there is a crowd! And when did you preach on South St., was that at the Tea Party? It would be interesting to go preach more in downtown during business hours when the business people are walking around. :) Great to see Keith too; that brother was encouraging to meet. I bet you enjoyed working with him! I look forward to catching up again soon in downtown. I hope you all are encouraged! Keep preaching and reading the Word of God to lost people. Hey btw, the WOTM team has given a new assignment to students coming out of their Ambassador's training now - read Matthew 5-7 to an audience somewhere. I'm seeing that on Ambassador's Alliance Fellowship. I think it's an awesome idea to read Scripture to crowds of lost people. And did you know that Bobby has been holding a small Bible study around Lake Eola or somewhere on Friday nights before we get down there. By we, I mean my family, because you all have been getting there earlier now, but I can't get there earlier. Well, talk to you soon. Hey, we haven't really caught up on what each other is doing lately. We'll have to catch up soon! in much prayer - Paul


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