Saturday, May 9, 2009

A testimony

I was reading someones testimony that a friend pointed me to and I really thought the following quote was encouraging.
"In October of 1983 I found myself sitting in my car on the side of the road, the needle on empty, waiting for someone to bring me gasoline. During the time that I waited I had read everything in my car including my registration twice. There was one booklet that I had kept avoiding but due to boredom I finally picked it up and began to read the Gospel of John. It was in the reading of this tract that I discovered that being Roman Catholic and following the teachings of the church as well as the keeping of the Holy Days and the sacraments were not going to get me to heaven. I needed to be born again!!!!! It was then that I bowed my head and gave my life to Him, lock stock and barrel"
It is easy for us to get burnt out or discouraged when we are handing out literature to seemingly uninterested people. But it is these people that could wind up in the situation above. Dont give up!


  1. Right on Rob - After the thousands of tracts I have handed out over the last five years I take great encouragement in knowing that sometimes God uses a Gospel tract that someone stowed away or forgotten about........God's timing is always perfect.

  2. Hey that's a great encouragement! Thanks for passing that on!


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