Saturday, May 30, 2009

Half Mile Hailer

Update: I have been using this P.A. for 13 days now and have preached about 6 different times at 3 different locations. I still love this thing! But my one complaint is that now the police keep sending out the Decibel meter to measure our sound levels and then telling us to turn it down because we are in violation of the sound ordinances usually at 90 db or so. In the time that I have been preaching with amplification I have never had this happen. I guess it's a testimony to the power of the Half Mile Hailer!


  1. LISSIE HERE (Forgot to sign in..) WOOT WOOT!! THAT IS AWESOMENESS!! PURE AWESOMENESS BROTHER!! My Dad and I were all giddy with excitement as if it was us!! Keep us posted on the preaching!!!

    In Christ,


  2. My Dad when he was watching this was being totally goofy! (His usual) He was like if that was me I wouldn't have said testing, I would've said "I've got one thing to say about the half mile hailer, "HAIL YEAH-YA!"


    --Lissie & James

  3. "Hail-Yeah" I sooo would have said that had I thought of it! HAHAHA

  4. (Lissie again)

    Haha!! I was telling my Dad it'd be awesome if our families could meet in person one day. I'm positive you and my Dad would be two peas in a pod! He has a crazy sense of humor but you catch on when you know him well 'nuff. :D


  5. Hey, Great video, Thanks for the info about the speaker. I use a beringer right now, It works but this looks better.

    I am Casey I preached with you about a month ago in Orlando. Great blog Man, I love it.

    I started my own blog and I linked to you in my first post. Check it out. Http://

    I plan on coming back here often. Keep up the good work.


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