Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Preaching

I am not to sure what a “tea party” is exactly. I do know it has something to do with stopping taxes and is a modern day version of the Boston Tea Party (without actual tea) that occurred in 1773. Anyway with out trying to get to technical. Me and fellow Bring The Noiz team member Jason Karroll set off on a day long adventure to preach at a few of these rallies.

Our first stop was in Deltona Florida where Jason boldly walked into the center of the event, set down his speaker, and began to preach the gospel.

Our next stop was a rally in Daytona. We arrived an hour early so we hit the beach to preach on the sand. The Police shut us down during the Law.

The rally in Daytona was a lot more organized than the one in Deltona. This rally had a makeshift stage, signs, and a bunch more people. Somehow Jason made contact with one of the rally organizers who agreed to let him read a speech he wrote entitled “America is to young to die” he finished up with the Law and The Gospel!

Then Robert was asked to read a sermon by (?) and finished up with a call to evangelism.

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  1. That is completely awesome. Keep it up!

    The police shut you down on that one stop, huh? You must've literally brought the noise. What else could they have conjured up against you for preaching the Gospel?


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