Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Shack Protest

Cover of "The Shack"

Cover of The Shack

This Saturday past a local church invited William P. Young to speak about his book The Shack. For those that don’t know The Shack has created allot of stir amongst the church. There are camps that love the book and those that vehemently appose the book. I fell somewhere in the middle of those extremes before Saturday.

Jason K. thought it would be a good idea to go down to this church and warn those who fall in the first camp of the heresies that are written in this book. Jason sent an email to the pastor warning him of the dangers of having this book promoted in his church and that we would be there to protest. The pastor responded saying that he would continue forward with his plans.

So early Saturday morning we headed down to this church to pass out “lies in the Shack” tracts and Open air preach. As we were doing so a few men from the church came out to bring us bottled water. One of these men turns out to be William P. Young himself! So we start asking about the lies in the book. We used Michael Youssefs basic outline of the 13 lies in the book as our questions (this is what we printed on the tract) but Mr. Young denied each point asking us to prove it from his book. Now I admit this is a fair thing to require but unfortunately we didn't have the book nor the quotes from the book to support our arguments. It was definitely a mistake on our part. We were not prepared to debate the author himself.

What bugs me is that he probably used us in his Saturday morning presentation as an example of the people who object to his book. That they [We] haven't read the book or don't have proof of these so called heresies.

When I got home I reviewed the tape and did my research. What I discovered is that William P. Young is a LIAR! Everything that he denied as being in the book is indeed IN THE BOOK! You can get the page numbers and quotes from the book here

I will post the video as soon as I can get my video editor to work!

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  1. Thanks for this post Noiz. The Shack is very popular over hear even in some Evangelical churches. The link certainly provides for interesting reading and would actually be a great source for a Bible study.

    Gopd bless


  2. The only reasons this book is so popular:

    1) People want an explanation for the so-called "problem of evil."
    2) People don't find the Scripture's representation of our Holy and Sovereign GOD to be sufficient for their needs.

    It's so much easier when we can present an idol of GOD, such as "Papa", Jesus and "Saryu"--i.e. two WOMEN (egalitarian feminism) and a bumbling surfer-dork who isn't so high and holy. The re-creating of GOD in this book is simply a parade of ancient heresies and confusion. Young is an emergent church advocate and as such casts doubt on our ability to properly know the GOD of the Bible, who revealed Himself in the Scriptures.

    Anything less than the GOD of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Moses, the Apostles etc. is NO GOD at all.

    Want an explanation of the so-called problem of evil? Read Job. Read Amos. Read Isaiah. Read Psalms. Read the the Apostle Paul, not Paul Young!

    The Bible alone remains sufficient to answer our questions.


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