Monday, April 27, 2009

Servant evangelism?

There is something on my mind.

The other day I was in Publix with a friend to buy stuff for a Bar-B-Q. After getting all the stuff for burgers I wanted to get a can of Glory brand Collard Greens. When we finally found the isle a lady over heard me ranting about how great these canned collards are. The lady asked, "canned collard greens? are those really any good, because I'm from Atlanta and I like to make them from scratch." I informed her that while they may not be as good as her homed cooked greens they are the best I've ever tasted anywhere." So she asked us to grab her a can and throw it into her cart. She said thanks and we parted ways.

There are many people in the Church today who purposely do things like this, be it giving out bottles of water, free food, ect. and call it "evangelism." But was it evangelism when I convinced a lady to get some collards? A good work yes, evangelism NO! This lady was convinced to buy collard greens but not of her need of salvation through Christ!

Just something I wanted to get off my chest before bed!

Oh, by the way, I sent my buddy to find her while I cashed out to give her a gospel tract!


  1. Glory does make the best Collard Greens, their Mixed Greens are good too :-) Oh by the way, I know what you mean about the "giving out free water and food" evangelism. I've been a volunteer with a ministry just like that for the past 5 years. I started handing out million dollar bills and giant money tracts a few years ago and they looked at me like I'm crazy. I can see them now, thinking "Why isn't he helping us cook and hand out free water?" This year I brought a group with me whose sole purpose was to evangelize the place (REALLY EVANGELIZE) and boy did we get some crazy looks. We had several great 1-2-1's and handed out more than 3,000 tracts. Open-air wasn't allowed because we were on private property, but God still used us. It was truly a Blessing this year. But, I don't think the ones doing the cooking and handing out the water were too happy.

  2. A fewweeks ago I listened to several people give testimonies about their recent trip to Russia.

    One lady who spoke talked about the lost family she stayed with. She spoke about her helping the family all week. She spoke about how they made an impact on her. She spoke about the warm and friendly time they had together.

    At the end of her speaking time she said this; "Sometimes all you have to do is just 'be there' for someone. Sometimes you don't even have to share the Gospel with you mouth; you can do it with action and that is also evangelism."

    My wife saw my head drop after that statement.

    Evangelism is always opening your mouth and presenting the full Gospel; Law and Grace. Rom 10:14

  3. I have heard so many stories like you guys have posted and it always drives me crazy! I mean it is a good thing to do and the church should offer good things like this, but there should always be a desire of the volunteers to share more then a "good work" but to share the "good news!"

    If you hand someone a "bottled water to quench their thirst but fail to give them the "living water" that "will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life"(John 4:14) you have utterly failed! Even if you were to give the whole world to someone and they loose there soul they have not profited(mark 8:36)!

    I am glad to hear that someone was taken the initiative to use these "outreaches" to actually reach out!

  4. AMEN and AMEN!

    Do you know, Noiz, where this idea comes from, BTW? In church history? It seems you are pretty well schooled, so you prob' already know this, but it comes from St. Francis of Assissi.

    Story goes, he was walking with an intern (student monk, whatever you call 'em) and told him "Let's go preach the Gospel to the townspeople."

    Know what they did?


    Afterwards, the younger brother says, "But brother Francis, you said we'd preach the Gospel! Let's go back..."

    To which St. Francis said, "Don't you know that we DID preach the Gospel? We preached it when they saw us walking through town. If we don't preach while we walk, we aren't preaching the Gospel."

    To which I say: fine, we need INTEGRITY (don't just preach it: live it out), BUT






    GOD SAID (SPOKE) "Let there be light!"

    He didn't just sit there.



  5. JMH thanks for sharing that history lesson. I knew the idea had something to do with him but didnt know the story.

  6. Acts of service can LEAD to evangelism, but are not evangelism in itself. You can use acts of service to open a door to share the gospel to someone who otherwise would not be interested in listening to you. However, until you actually share the gospel message, you've done no evangelism.


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