Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prayer List

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I have decided to start keeping a list of the people that we have one-2-one evangelism encounters with. The list is going to be a mostly combined list of the Bring The Noiz team. I will not indicate who the evangelist to whom the conversation belongs to avoid any pride issues. I will add to it from time to time at least monthly.



+Luis and Wife (Gave them the gospel on the Job and they were really receptive. Answered a ton of “seeker” type questions and left them with a bible and some literature.)
+“Captain” (Really receptive during an Open air encounter)
+“The Murderer” (Sorry I don’t have his name. This guy didn't think he could be forgiven by God because he had murdered someone. Gave gospel and received he it)
+Officer Riddle (Talk with him about civil rights and left him with a gospel tract)
+Jimmy – One of 8 EMT’s and An old friend who received a tract from me while I was talking to the officer above)
+Ishmael (has heard me open air at 2 different locations)
+Boogie (Heard the gospel open air and had a few questions. Gave bible)
+Magnum (Receptive during one-2-one, then ran into him in the store)
+John (Older man in wheel chair (4 strokes) who was going through hard times financially)
+Abbey (Young girl who trusted in own goodness to get to heaven. Helped her understand gospel more clearly)
+Jose (Handed tract then walked over to talk with us, Shared gospel seemed receptive)
+ Mike (One-2-one)
+Jerry (One-2-one)
+ Quinton (One-2-One)
+Frank (Homeless Christian struggling with sin)
+3 Iranian exchange students (Had a ton of questions wanted a bible and good chapters to read on the passion of Christ)

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