Saturday, March 14, 2009

What can an Evangelist do in 1 minute?

A good question was asked by one of our readers in the comment section. I thought it was a great question so I wanted to post it here followed by a short answer,

Since I started following your blog I've been encouraged by your passion to spread the gospel and inspired by your attempts to do so at large civic events. I'm curious're obviously planting seeds, but do you ever have an opportunity to do more than that? Do people stop and engage you? Do they respond with deeper questions that allow you to go further than passing out a tract? Also, I would imagine that many of the tracts you pass out end up in the trash and even on the ground as litter. Do you have concerns about that? I'm not trying to bring you down or belittle your efforts. I'm just curious because, as I said above, I have been encouraged by your posts and I would like to get my family (wife and 5 kids) started in something similar. Whenever I start a project I immediately think, "Is this the most efficient way to do this?" and "Am I maximizing my time, energy, and resources?" Any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

This is a really good question from someone who just wants to “maximize his time energy and resources.” as any good Stewart should.

When I do large events I know that a lot of the tracts will be thrown away, but I also know that a lot of them get read, sometimes on the spot. I've walked by and heard people reading them to there kids or discussing what it says with their spouse. I also see them stuffed quickly into pockets. I know that when they get home they will have to empty those pockets and may have time to read it then. "Tracts make it into homes when we can't. They find their way onto dashboards, sun visors, wallets, night stands and desks long after we've handed them out. They are an essential tool in our evangelism to "speak" after we've gone home for the night."*

One of the main things I use tracts for is to break the ice to lead into a one-to-one conversation as my friend demonstrates in the video below.

The story of the old man who passed out tracts on George street is a legendary example of what tracts can do.

You can also read some tract testimonies here

Hope this helps some


  1. God bless you, brother. Keep doing what you're doing. In Eternity, this will matter so much...

  2. Dude, it's Never a waste, only in eternity will you see your efforts realized. Just pray, pass them out, speak to people when you get opportunity to do so, and trust God. You are doing more than most of the church


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