Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kobalt Tools 500


In 2007 Jimmie Johnson took the checkered flag at the Kobalt Tools 500. In 2008 it was Kyle Bush! This year a new a driver is up for a prize who will it be? You could almost smell the exhaust as you ponder on all the possibilities this race brings. Not for entertainment but for the spreading of the gospel. Well This year Bring The Noiz Ministries will be among the estimated 105,000 race fans to attend the Kobalt Tools 500 Race at The Atlanta Motor Speedway. But there will be no shouting and cheering for any driver from us, only shouting and preaching the word of the Lord!
There is even bigger news going on behind the scenes at this event and could lead to more evangelism at future races. I will give you the details upon my return.
Please pray for our safety and that we are used by God to further his kingdom.


  1. Since I started following your blog I've been encouraged by your passion to spread the gospel and inspired by your attempts to do so at large civic events. I'm curious're obviously planting seeds, but do you ever have an opportunity to do more than that? Do people stop and engage you? Do they respond with deeper questions that allow you to go further than passing out a tract? Also, I would imagine that many of the tracts you pass out end up in the trash and even on the ground as litter. Do you have concerns about that? I'm not trying to bring you down or belittle your efforts. I'm just curious because, as I said above, I have been encouraged by your posts and I would like to get my family (wife and 5 kids) started in something similar. Whenever I start a project I immediately think, "Is this the most efficient way to do this?" and "Am I maximizing my time, energy, and resources?" Any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Have you talked to Canyon Shearer to see if he plans to be there too?

  3. Hey Rob! Im trying to email you, its Wes from the superbowl. go to and get me your email! Wes

  4. Updates Robert, updates!!!

    How did it go at the race???



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