Sunday, March 29, 2009

J.C. Ryle on Open Air Preaching

Let us never be moved by those who cry down the preacher's office, and tell us that sacraments and other ordinances are of more importance than sermons. Let us give to every part of God's public worship its proper place and honor, but let us beware of placing any part of it above preaching. By preaching, the Church of Christ was first gathered together and founded, and by preaching, it has ever been maintained in health and prosperity. By preaching, sinners are awakened. By preaching, inquirers are led on. By preaching, saints are built up. By preaching, Christianity is being carried to the heathen world. There are many now who sneer at missionaries, and mock at those who go out into the high-ways of our own land, to preach to crowds in the open air. But such persons would do well to pause, and consider calmly what they are doing. The very work which they ridicule is the work which turned the world upside down, and cast heathenism to the ground. Above all, it is the very work which Christ Himself undertook. The King of kings and Lord of lords Himself was once a preacher. For three long years He went to and fro proclaiming the Gospel. Sometimes we see Him in a house, sometimes on the mountain side, sometimes in a Jewish synagogue, sometimes in a boat on the sea. But the great work He took up was always one and the same. He came always preaching and teaching. He says, "That is why I have come." ~ J.C. Ryle


  1. Hi, I found your blog through my Dad. My Dad REALLY wants to do open street preaching. If you have any tips, come on over to (That's my Dad's blog.) My blog is.........
    You should check out these sites as well: and


  2. WOW!! You have your own ministry!? What kind of Gospel tracts are your favorites? Sorry, I know I just commented but couldn't help it :-D

  3. I am a big fan of the million dollar bill or any money tracts such as's $3 and $7 dollar bills. I also like the "What if" tracts from custom tract source.
    We use allot of custom made tracts that correspond with the event we are at. Im actually developing a tract based on the Swine Flu outbreak right now. I posted the text on the blog.

  4. The Spirit is at work here, brother, because the ideas I see on your posts are ideas that have occurred to me just prior to meeting you online. Viz.: customized tracts per events, and the whole Swine Flu thing. Seriously, weird to see the Holy Spirit working independently in your heart and mind and here I am thinking it's just me!

    To GOD be the glory.

    BTW: don't you just love my daughter? There's a great story around that kid. She was the spear tip, so to speak. I cannot believe she's mine--THAT is all the work of the Spirit, in all seriousness.


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