Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Drunken Spider-Man Heckler

This weekend I had an unlikely heckler. The hero of my youth Spiderman, who apparently likes to drink allot on the weekends, webbed down to the corner that I preach on. Now usually you can find Spider-Man fighting the forces of evil, but evidently the alcohol hindered his “Spidey senses” and he mistakes The Gospel for the enemy.

I didn't have my camcorder or camera to take pictures, but when searching through youtube I discovered that Spidey had an accomplice who was recording his wild Saturday night antics. I am going to hesitantly post the video with this warning, Spidey is not as good of a citizen on his off time as one would imagine and there are some graphic images in the first few minutes. If you want to see our feature in this film fast-forward to the 3:05 mark.


  1. Spidy wasn't so big and bad when the Law came crashing down on him..was he? Hey, was that my boy Jason I saw in the background. What up, Jason!

  2. That was Jason you saw! He's out every friday "bringing the noiz" right along side of us! Love that guy!


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