Sunday, February 8, 2009

little concern to get time to pray?

A man praying at a Japanese Shintō shrine.

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“Why is there so little concern to get time to pray? Why is there so much speaking, yet so little prayer? Why is there so much running to and fro, yet so little prayer? Why so much bustle and business, yet so little prayer? Why so many meetings with our fellow men, yet so few meetings with God? Why so little being alone, so little thirsting of the soul for the calm, sweet hours of unbroken solitude, when God and His child hold fellowship together as if they could never part? It is the lack of these solitary hours that not only injures our own growth in grace, but makes us such unprofitable
members of the church of Christ, and that renders our lives useless. In order
to grow in grace, we must be much alone with God. It is not in society, even
Christian society that the soul grows most rapidly and vigorously. In one
single quiet hour of prayer it will often make more progress than in whole
days of company with others. It is in the 'desert' that the dew falls freshest
and the air is purest. So with the soul. It is when none but God is near; when
His presence alone, like the desert air in which there is mingled no noxious
breath of man, surrounds and pervades the soul; it is then that the eye gets the
clearest, simplest view of eternal certainties; it is then that the soul gathers in
wondrous refreshment and power and energy. Nearness to God, fellowship
with God, waiting upon God, resting in God, have been too little the
characteristic either of our private or our ministerial walk. Hence our
example has been so powerless, our labors so unsuccessful, our sermons so
meager, our whole ministry so fruitless and feeble.”

From, Ministerial Confessions, by Horatius Bonar

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  1. Thank you for this timely challenge Noiz. I like you have no doubt that the deeper our prayer life - the greater our witness will be! "Lord teach us to pray!"


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