Thursday, January 1, 2009

Read Through The Bible In One Year

Today starts the first day fulfilling something I've been wanting to do since I first heard about it mid last year. I am going to commit myself to read through the Bible in one year following a schedule.

My commitment is in the morning is a “no read, no feed” while following The One Year Bible reading schedule. There are many other schedules to follow and I will list a few. I chose The One Year for a few reasons, 1. its a good format and 2. it is the schedule that my Church follows. I will read through using this schedule in 2009 then maybe try one of the other schedules year after year.

ESV 0ne year

Originally I purchased the One Year Bible which is formatted in the order of the schedule and not like a traditional bible. For example it starts off with Genesis 1:25-2:25, then Mathew 1:1-2:12, ect. I think it is great for some, though I am not using it because I like to read it out of an ordinary bible. I think this helps with my scripture recall and makes it easier to find what I am looking for later. So I found the One Year Bible schedule in PDF format here. I downloaded the file and then used my wife's nifty paper cutter to cut each month into a bookmark size. I then made a pocket for the back of my bible that holds the months I am not using. Works great!

I'm praying that I can stick it out. I love reading my bible, but sometimes I have trouble following a set plan because I always want to read other parts of scripture. This always side tracks me and then I’ll get discouraged so please pray for me!

Remember no matter what schedule you choose just choose one and stick with it because The only bad Bible reading plan is to plan not to read it.

Other Schedules Include:

Mc'shaynes Schedule is a schedule that has been used by many great preachers and was recommended to me by Paul Washer.

Chronological is reading the bible with all the biblical events in sequential order.

Through the bible in 90 days

Web Sites that provide a schedule and other tools to aid in your reading:

ESV Schedules: This is a great site. It has a few different reading plans and some cool ways to help keep you on track like reminders in RSS, Email, iCal, and text message formats. You can even get your daily readings in audio format for free by subscribing to the RSS feed. Follow These instructions

Bible reading This site allows you to select your favorite translation and then sends email reminders of your schedule. They have some good reading plans that including those mentioned above and some smaller ones like, Gospels or proverbs in a month, the words of Jesus 4 times a year, and more.

Zondervan has some good schedules like, 30 days with Jesus, and one I thought was kind of cool, 30 days for new Christians.

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  1. Thanks for the resources, Robert. I'm going to be doing this as well. I tried last year, and the year before. It's crazy-hard.

    I'm going to use Robert Robertson's schedule this year- you read thru the OT once and the NT twice. Today was Genesis 1-2, Psalms 1-2, and Matthew 1-2.

  2. Thanks for the post and to tell you the truth I think you just insipred me to read through the whole Bible this year. I like your blog and I'll be checking back soon for more posts!

    In Christ,


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