Saturday, January 24, 2009

Downtown Missionary vs.The Heathens

This is a short video clip of Shawn preaching his heart out to the people of Downtown Orlando. Shawn has only been saved 8 months and God has been using him to preach the gospel for at least 6 of those months. Shawn preaches with love and a tone of pleading. However, as you will see in the clip below, sometimes The Heathen will mock and jeer at any presentation of the gospel of Christ.

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This reminds me of a Spurgeon quote,
“A minister once announced to his congregation one Sunday morning, "I am going on a mission to the heathen." Now he had not told his deacons about it, and they looked puzzled at one another. Some of the good people in the congregation began to take out their pocket handkerchiefs, as they thought their minister was going to leave them-he was so useful and necessary to them that they felt sad at the bare idea of loosing him. "But" he added, "I shall not be out of town." So may you also go on a mission to the heathen without going out of this huge town of yours! You might almost preach to every sort of heathen within the bounds of your town. If you want to reach the heathen who have gone farthest into sin, you need not certainly leave your town for that. You shall find men and women rotten with sin, and reeking in the nostrils of God with their abominations. You may go about on a mission
to the heathen, and your railway ticket need not cost you one penny!”
Spurgeon, "The Great Itinerant" No. 655

Pray for your evangelists and Open air preachers


  1. Way to go for shawn! He has amazing courage and compassion for the lost. I'm praying for you guys! Keep it up.

  2. I wish I was there, it got rough last night too, but we didn't have a camera rolling! See you on Friday LORD willing.

  3. What type of video is that above? I've noticed here and on other sites I'm not able to view some of the videos, I just see a white box? Thanks,

  4. The videos are from youtube. I guess it would be smart for me to add a "pop-out" link from now on in case others cant see it.

    You can view it at

    Maybe you should think about using a different browser (if you don't already) like FireFox! Its the best!

  5. Thanks. We love Firefox. Now that I know where it's from I realize why I can't view it. YouTube is blocked by our SafeEyes internet filter.

  6. I went and checked out SafeEyes and decided I am going to purchase it to protect my family online! That is one great program! I wish it didnt cost so much though!

  7. Wow man! What an interesting time preaching there. Way to go Shawn! That was tough... I am so looking forward to this weekend!! :D - Paul

  8. Wait. There is a Christain there trying to help you and I agree. Obviously these people are drunk yelling the gospel in the way you are doing is not the way. I've read lot of what you guys do and it doesn't seem as if your doing it in love as the Christain in the video points out. I'm moving to Orlando in a couple of months if I see you in downtown Orlando I will say the same thing

  9. I do agree that this video makes us sound unloving but the preacher in the video was a new preacher so cut him some slack. He was also over whelmed with people. What you don't see in the video is the other 4 hours or the part where I quit filming and go and get the police because he was being physically assaulted. If you watch till the end the preacher begins to cry because his heart was broken for these people! Thats love my friend! That is Love!

    As far as the "Christian" warning us. He is only a Christian by name and not by deed. He is a hypocrite! Drunk out of his mind, cursing, using Gods name in vain, ect.(off cam)

    I do hope to see you downtown. If you are a brother I would love for you to see the whole of what we do not just a 5min clip. If you are not then I would love to witness to you. Ask for Robert.


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