Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Santa Or Not To Santa That's The Question?

Santa Claus Pondering Christmas in July
Since I came to know Christ 3 years ago I have quickly become one who doesn't like the idea of a false idol named Santa Clause being the focus of Christmas. I have been telling my kids, now 5 and 1, that there is no such thing as Santa.
This causes some people to get angry with me. They say “your taking the fun out of it!” to which my wife always replies “Should we rob our kids of their fun or rob Christ of His glory?” It’s a pretty good come back and would shut any sort-of Christian down!
I could write a whole long article about this issue, but I really just wanted to post the following quote by Dan Phillips from the Biblical Christianity Blog. It really sums up my position on this issue.
“I never told my children that there really is a demigod-Santa Pelagius looming somewhere, judging their works. First, it isn't true. Second, I don't think lying to kids is very nice. But third, I don't want them to have to start filtering what I say, and wondering whether ol' Dad is having a bit of a snicker at their expense when he talks about this other invisible figure who sees them when they're sleeping, and knows when they're awake. (Santa? God?) original article

John Piper On Santa Clause

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  1. Dude, that's quite a statement! I like that one!!


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