Sunday, December 28, 2008

Evangelist Vs. Ultimate Fighter

A new friend of mine, Jason, who is a great open air preacher and shares the corner with us in Downtown, Orlando, had a great opportunity to witness to an atheist. And this atheist, if provoked, could have knocked his block off! Here’s what he wrote on his Blog,

SethPetruzellWhile one of my brothers was preaching a man came up and started arguing about how the Earth wasn't 6000 years old. So a brother and me pulled him aside so he didn't stop the preaching of God's word. Eventually it was just me and him. He said he was an atheist but agreed that he wasn't a true atheist because he didn't have absolute knowledge. He was very combative and his language was very nasty, so to try to calm him down I told him my name and asked him his. He said his name is Seth Petruzelli. I have a background that knows a lot about fights and fighters and I kind of recognized him and his name and asked if he was a UFC fighter. He said that he is. Seth a couple of months ago scored one of the biggest upsets in MMA history when he beat a Goliath of a man named Kimbo Slice (Watch the knockout here). While reasoning with him of his conscience, right and wrong, and trying to reason with him about how there had to be a Creator of some sort, because something could never come from nothing. I asked him if he could be wrong, and he admitted that he could. After talking with him for about a half an hour, I gave him Mark Cahill's book "One Heartbeat Away." He said that he would definitely read it because he is always trying to learn. What was amazing was this guy who was very angry and didn't want to listen was humbled and admitted he could be wrong. Please pray for him that God will convict his sinfulness and the love of this world will not keep him from the amazing grace found in Jesus!”


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