Saturday, December 20, 2008

Downtown Takedown First’s

This weeks downtown takedown brings a few first’s,

1. Drunk Christmas tree’s


Its the first time I’ve seen a possible Jeff Foxworthy joke in real life, “You might be a redneck if… the Christmas tree your wearing downtown is decorated with empty cans of Beer!”

2.Taylor’s first Open Air

It would be the first night my young friend Taylor would try his hand at Open Air Preaching. He did a great job!

3.Killer Jesus

Year: 1987
Ref: EVI007AF

I was presented an Objection that actually caused me to pause. It went like this, I was talking to a  young man who thought Christianity was false and he didn't like Jesus because Jesus wants his followers to Kill anyone who does not follow Him! I obviously told him that he must be mistaken and Jesus would never say or decree such a thing. He then said “Oh yes he did read Luke 19:27!” So I open my bible to Luke 19:27 which read,"'But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.'"

I actually was taken back by what I just read. I laughed as I struggled for an answer and that’s when I realized that Jesus was telling a story about someone else in the greater context a parable. I then explained that to him but he claimed that all Christians just twist the scripture to get around the truth.

Though he was most definitely mistaken on his reading of the text. I thanked him for actually trying to object to Christianity based on at least some sort of evidence. It was actually nice to meet someone who could do more then use foul language and irrationality to deny Christ.

4.Shawn’s Tattoos

Shawns Tats Shawn getting it

4.) Last night was Shawn’s first night wearing short sleeves which revealed his many tattoos. That's when we heard at least 10 different people yell out, “You have tattoos so your going to hell!” or “Jesus doesn't allow tattoos so your a sinner too”

What was so surprising is that we get told were judging people and that it is wrong, but yet the heathen would quickly hurl hurtful and judgmental statements at us with out any cause.

The crazy thing is that for some reason most people think we’re preaching like we’re not or were not sinners. I have yet to figure this problem out. It is clear just by looking at us that we are not perfect. That's the great thing about his tattoos, he gets to use them to point this fact out to the people. So whenever the objection comes up he says, “Yea I've got tattoos! I got them before I was saved and they will forever remind me who I was and what God saved me from!”

All and all it was a great evening downtown. We preached for 5 hours straight and I got to observe my friend Taylor’s first time doing open air and also saw another another close friend of mine who preached like he had never preached before! My friend Shawn was being used by God last night more then any of us. He preached with more truth, conviction, passion, then ever before. All the while keeping Christ the center! Praise God for his conversion and his ministry!


  1. Wow what a night man!! I spent a lot of time praying, just because I could sense what was going on around us, and I felt like if I prayed, you all would be able to have good conversations. There was a lot of crazy stuff last night. I haven't seen some of those friends from Metro in a bit, so it was great to see them out! That was pretty good from Taylor! I couldn't hear him across the street, but I so wanted to! Man, those two guys dressed up like Jesus too! That was something else! Crazy!! And I didn't realize that was Sean's first night downtown with his tatoos visible. Downtown sure is a unique crowd! There are people that know that we are the real deal (vs. the fake stuff in churches), and they can tell that we're not putting on a show for them. There are people who will respond to the truth in time!! It takes a lot of planting and watering, but there will be a harvest from it!! I finished off the night talking to Adam who was drunk and decided to get angry at Bart and was cussing and using all kinds of filthy language. He calls himself an altar boy, but he didn't like the truth being preached. But I was able to calm him down, gain some respect, and ask him to come back when he's sober. After a few minutes a friend came to get him and drag him off, so he'd stop bothering us, but she could tell I was having an influence on him. After a little bit more conversation, I shook his hand and sent him off, she hung around for a few seconds longer so he wouldn't hear, and told me she appreciated me talking to him. It's always interesting downtown. I wish some people would learn a little more quickly to get rid of their sin and come to Christ! It will come though! God bless you bro for serving the Lord and preaching the truth! your bro - Paul

  2. I remember Adam! I had a great conversation with an Iraq soldier who was drawn over by Adam's ranting and cussing into the PA.

    Its always a pleasure to serve along side your family. We can always count on your prayers for us and for the lost as well as your devotion to evangelism.


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