Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Champs Bowl Outreach.


The Champs Bowl was held on the 27th of December and featured one of our states top teams, The Florida State Seminoles. This was a game that was guaranteed to draw a BIG crowd because it would be the first time that the Noles would be at the Citrus Bowl in over 10 years! Since there would be tons of people we knew that we couldn't miss this opportunity to share the Gospel in the open air. So Me and Braz met up with our new friend Jason to do some preaching.


As we expected it was a zoo around the stadium. There were thousands of people walking by us as we preached the gospel. We were first stationed outside of the gates on what we thought was public property until the cops came. They asked us to move down the road and across the street from the stadium into what they called “the first amendment zone.” Slightly discouraged by this apparent set back we moved on down to “the first amendment zone” and as providence would have it, would be able to preach to more people at one time! You can see all the people that Jason is reaching with the gospel in this picture taken by Braz’s cell phone.

It was a great day and the gospel went forth! Now we pray for those who heard and those who received tracts.

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