Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free John MacArthur!!

No John MacArthur is not in jail, but he has been freed! On Wednesday November 5th, Grace to You Ministries is releasing John MacArthur from the bondage of pay per download. Grace to you is now going to offer all of his sermons for free download! That's right free! Go to for more info.
Update: Here is the link to the sermon archive.

Great John MacArthur resources


  1. Now that is exciting news! : )

    ttyl, your bro, SH : )

  2. That's VERY funny. I believe they actually release Pastor MacArthur early. Believe it or not, I'm listening to him right now, even as I stumble accross your blog that is proclaiming the very thing that I was just so excited to find out for myself.


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