Friday, November 14, 2008

Flavor Fest Part 2

I have given you a broad look at the weekend in part one. Now I want to zone in a particular event that made the weekend so much more special.


On Friday night during the first set of concerts I happen to see KB, a young artist that I highly respect. So I wanted to go over and say hi and let him know that I supported his ministry and hopefully get a picture with him, which I did. But as I walked up on him he had in his hand a familiar Way Of The Master gospel tract. I thought “wow this is great he uses WOTM stuff as well.” So I talked with him about evangelism a bit and he introduced me to some friends of his, The Phinney’s, an older couple who had a real heart for evangelism. I ended up hitting it off with them and having a deep conversation about all sorts of Christ centered stuff. They later invited us to go out with them to Ybor City to witness which of course we accepted.

Going to Ybor was a great idea to me because of the wonderful time I had the last time I was there, but for the rest of my group this would be their first time and some where a little apprehensive. Despite the fears, lack of sleep and that it was 1:00PM, we made the 15 min trip across town.There were tons of people out on this Saturday night and it proved to be good grounds for tracting and one-to-one conversation’s

The crowd in tampa

A view from the streets


The Gangster


The first encounter I had was with a guy who had is hat pulled down almost over his eyes. I handed him a tract and spoke with him for e few seconds when all of the sudden his demeanor changes into an angry tone as he notices that my cousin (who had never been out witnessing) had a blue bandanna in his back pocket. He asks me if he was with me and I told him yes then he asked angrily, is your cousin repping CRIP? For those that don't know Crips are a well known and violent gang. I assured him that he wasn't and that he just used it to wipe his sweat, which I had watched him do numerous times through out the weekend. Well the guy wasn't going to be satisfied until he spoke to cousin. So I called him over and again the guy asks, “you repping crip?” my cousin told him no and pulled it out to demonstrate how he wipes his face with it. At this, the guy got livid! “Oh that's disrespect” he said. I quickly pulled my cousin away and left the guy while he was yelling something.


The Catholic

2nd encounter

Another encounter was with a guy named Poppo. Poppo was a catholic who felt that he would go to heaven because he had given a homeless person $10 and because he had a Jesus tattoo on one of his arms. I asked him, is that how cheap God is? That he is willing to be bribed with $10.00 and a Tattoo? You should have seen the look on his face! After running him through the law he seemed very convicted and understood the gospel. I passed it over to Jim and he reiterated everything and covered something's I forgot, thanks Jim!

The Flasher

Shawn pleading with two woman

While I was engaged with Pappo, Shawn was passing out tracts and ended up talking to some scantly dressed ladies. As he ran them through the law one of them said, “Oh so you mean I cant do this” and pulled opened her shirt to reveal her bare chest. Shawn, with out missing a beat or dropping his eyes said, “I hate Lust! I fight it every day and here I am trying to tell you about Christ and you try to show me your breasts! You should feel ashamed of yourself!” He ended up speaking to them for a little while  and giving them a couple follow up tracts.


The Shirtless Gay Guy

Matt Passing the baton to JimJim witnessing to the shirtless gay man

At the end of the night around 3:30pm we stopped at a pizza shop to get a bite to eat. We all went inside, but my cousin stayed out side to hand out tracts. He ended up somehow getting caught up with a Gay guy. My cousin not knowing a thing about evangelism wasn't able to do much so he passed it off to Jim. Jim later said it was interesting conversation. Im still not sure why he took off his shirt though?

There were many other things that occurred, but to sum it all up we had a great time witnessing to the people of Tampa and look forward to ministering with the Phinney’s in the future.

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