Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Classic Weekend

It has been a few days since our Florida Classic adventure, but I haven't had the time to get all the videos and pics uploaded. Well its finally done! Here it is…

Friday night started the weekend off at our usual post in Downtown Orlando. It was really just a normal Friday night, aside from the freezing cold (at least to us Floridians). It was so cold that no one would pull their hands out  of their pocket to take our tracts. We saw this as a sign to preach the gospel open air. So we did, first using a fellow evangelists small PA then our friend Bart’s rather powerful PA. You could hear us for blocks!

IMG_2325 IMG_2315

Friday was fun and productive, but Saturday was the day I had been really looking forward to for quite some time. This would be the day we would go to the Florida Classic Football game to witness to over 60,000 people! We were not disappointed.

IMG_2363 All The People

Our first challenge was the fact that no one outside of my regular team signed up to go out (which I cant understand) . This meant  that there were only 4 evangelists vs. 64,000 football fans so now we had to figure out how to hand out the most tracts to the most people in the shortest amount of time. We met the challenge in a vary simple, but unique way and ended up handing out all the tracts we brought with us in just a few minutes. over a thousand (video Below)!

What we did was, using our brand new P.A. system, we announced that we had free collectable Million Dollar Bills as we walked through the crowd. We had people swarm us and even fight over them (as you can see in the video above.) One of the weirdest things is that most were mad because it didn't have Obama on it (you can hear an example in the video) Good thing WOTM is filling this wish with the expected release of their Obama Bucks!


We also did some open air right by the main entrance where thousands were funneling in to the game. I was the first to get up and break the ice (Video Below), then shawn, and then to my surprise ol’ Braz (PICTURED ABOVE)  grabbed the P.A. and had his very first go at open air! It was short and sweet, but it inspired me greatly to see a man who is normally fearful of such a thing, to actually do it in front of all those people! God is great!

Im already looking forward to next year, but hope to have a million tracts and more then 4 evangelists. I will also plan the event a few weeks earlier.

Next adventure: Black Friday! Stay tuned


Below is a picture slide show of our Classic Experience

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