Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday: Fear and Open Air

Black Friday proved to be a great evangelism opportunity. Instead of waking up early in the morning we stayed up late and went out around 12:00am. We went by 3 of our biggest electronics stores. Each store had 100+ people in line. First we would hand out tracts (Tip: Start in the back of the line then work your way to front. What I find is if the people see you coming they can start to figure out if they want to reject your tract or not. Plus, if the persons in the front reject the people behind them assume they don't want it either)  Then at one store I open air preached using my new P.A.! I have to admit that I was highly apprehensive about doing this. I guess fear got the best of me, but I won the battle and went for it! It was well worth it, many seeds were planted on Black Friday.
A couple tips to over come fear: 1) Prayer is the most important 2) I find that fear is directly linked to my pride. I'm usually overwhelmed with thoughts like, what will they think of me, what if I get laughed at or made fun of, ect. So I go for the root and WAR against my pride. 3) I remind myself that I will never see these people again and that as soon as I leave the mission will be accomplished and I will be forgotten (for the most part). 4) If I don't do it I know that I will have to live with that regret and that is worse then just getting it over with. 5) Remember the importance of your message, so what if you look like a fool right now! You are warning them of the wrath to come and once the people see that you will be a hero (sort of). 6) I refuse to let fear control me! I try to control my fear and only allow it to warn me of legitimate dangers that are life threatening not pride threatening.

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