Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Behringer EPA40: My First P.A. system

I have been looking at getting a P.A. system to do open air for over a year now, but two things prevented me from getting it.

  1. Because I wasn't doing enough open air to justify the cost
  2. I didn't have the money!

Well God finally made it possible. After getting some practice doing open air using other peoples P.A.’s and then having some extra money, I finally got one!


On Friday night I purchased the Behringer EPA40 for only $99 from Sam Ash music. The APA40 was recommended to me by, Tony the Law Man, Marcus Pittman, and the Henry’s. I have to say it is a good little PA for the price. The one thing I don't like is the rattling noise that comes from the battery lid when at higher volumes. I'm some what of an audiophile so it could just be me, but it drives me crazy! What I do to remedy this problem is either, open it while im preaching, put my hand up against the back, or tape it shut. Other than that little problem its definitely the best bang for the buck.

It also has an audio line in jack that allows you to send external audio via  the 1/8” input jack. I use it to connect my iPod so that I can either play a beat behind my preaching or even Rap over it to draw a crowd. You could even play a sermon jam in between your sermons. I do wish it had a line out to allow for direct audio recording, but what do ya do?Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

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  1. Very cool.........you think that the engineers would reconize the rattle at the higher volume and work to resolve that; I mean, it is intended for high levels of volume.

    I have been thinking about what I will need for the future when I start open-airing.......thanks for the tip.


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