Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paul Washers iPod

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While I  was at the Deeper conference in Atlanta I had, as you know, an opportunity to meet Paul Washer and talk with him a  bit. Now every time I have ever imagined speaking with Paul Washer I assumed it would be some deep theological discussion with me begging for mercy in the end. Well as I walked toward him and prepared myself for this deep theological discussion I was unaware that the conversation that lay before me was going to be more deep and profound then I had anticipated. When we started talking I was unaware  that the conversation would swing to what is on his iPod!

If you had asked me what I thought was on Paul Washers iPod (as if I thought he had one) I think I would have said something like, The Bible read by Ben Stein, Hymns sung by large choirs, or maybe puritan audio books. What I never would have thought is what Paul Washer himself told me. He said and I quote,

"Many people look at me funny when I'm walking through the airport bobbing my head to some Trip Lee or Lecrae Like, "what's this old guy doing?""

Is that cool or what? My favorite preacher listens to my favorite Holy Hip Hop artists!!! He also went on to tell me that he is good friends with Trip Lee and about a conference in Chicago called Legacy that he recommended I attend.


  1. Dude that is really funny. I knew he endorsed the reformed rap ( i dont think its holy hip hop, thats a whole other genre ) but I never thought Paul would bump reformed rap on his iPod....


  2. Reformed Rap...I haven't heard that term yet. I didn't know there were to separate genres either. Makes sense though because, like the rest of Christianity, Holy Hip Hop has taken on a more worldly form. I guess it to needed a "reformation" thus the name "reformed rap"! I like it!

  3. Yeah think about it...there are many "Christian" "Rap" artists out there that are not much different than their worldly counterparts. Similarities exist in all CCM (contemporary christian music). It is what it is though...I would encourage you to google "Live Christ Like"


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