Saturday, October 25, 2008

The End Of An Era


Today marks the end of a chapter in my life that I was not wanting to end. Today was the last day of our Band of Brothers Men's Group. This group and the people in it have brought joy to my life that I had yet to experience. I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of the greatest and most kind hearted men I have ever met and It has been an honor to be called their leader when in reality I have been the one who has been led by them!

Fellas, if you are reading this I want to say that I Love you Guys and I will always have each and every one of you in my thoughts and prayers! I want you to remember that being a Biblical Man is a discipline and that you should "discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness (1tim 4:7)." That discipline requires of you some sweat and tears, but be realistic. Set your self up priorities and accountability. Be sure and stay in your word and on your knees in prayer! Remember though this is a life long journey, not something that can be obtained then placed on a shelf, so be realistic in your expectations. So when you stumble, and you will, remember that God understands your failures better then you ever will so be easy on yourself! I hope that you grew and continue to grow in your walk with Christ and your quest for biblical man hood. I end with this quote,

" The man who wisely disciplines himself for godliness understands the necessity of prioritizing and realism and prayer and accountability and that failure is part of success, but his greatest wisdom and impetus comes from his understanding of grace. Everything in his life comes from God's grace - sola gratia - grace alone!" ~ R. Kent Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Man, pg 227

Grace and Peace!

Robert Houghton

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