Saturday, October 4, 2008

Downtown Orlando 10/3

Last night was another great night of evangelism and open air preaching in Downtown Orlando. There were so many great conversations I couldn't begin to write about them all. What I do want to write about is something more special then the great conversations, the crazy hecklers, or the shots fired in this club across the street from our station.What I want to tell you about is how God has worked in the lives of two individuals so much that they are faithfully out there with us handing out tracts and sharing the Gospel one on one with the lost. But this week was different for those two individuals because this weekend would be the weekend that God gives them the courage to step up on the curb and do some open air for the first time!!

First up on the mic was my good buddy, a familiar face on Bring the Noiz, Shawn. It was one of the highpoints of my night watching a man that God has changed from the inside out in a short period of time stand up there dispite his youth in Christ and boldly proclaim the Gospel.  Shawns story

He started with his testimony and used it to present Gods law, explain the cross, repentance and faith. After that he read Romans 3 and told the story of the Bridesmaids. He had a nice crowd (Left) and even had his first heckler (right) which didn't even cause Shawn to miss a beat!

Next up was a young lady who I have just recently had the privilege of getting to know so I don't know much about her whole story. However, I can say that she is one heck of an evangelist. I see her in more conversations then anybody on the team. She's what we call a "Bulldog". When she gets someone she latches on and doesn't let go until she's done with them.

What made this so special  is that last week we tried to talk her into getting on the curb, but she said she wasn't ready for that yet. I think that it had mostly to do with fear because she is obviously able to communicate the Gospel effectively.

It was around 12:00 when she decided to give her fears to the Lord and step up there to give it a shot. She read from Mathew 7:22 or so and explained what the verse meant. It was short, sweet and  to the point. It was amazing to watch all the guys give her a high five and celebrate her facing her fears and taking the next step in evangelism.

One of the other cool things of the night was meeting two new Christian brothers out on the streets. Im not sure how they found us, but they were there for us when the open air crowd got a little out of control. These guys were able to pull people to the side to have rational conversations and defend the Gospel really well. The coolest thing is that they both live in my neck of the woods and are cut from they same mold as me! One was a rapper, the other was a beat maker, and both were solid brothers in Christ. I look forward to fellow shipping with them in the future.

All in all it was a great night with a lot of crazy people, not to mention as we were heading out to leave we got stuck on an elevator in the parking garage for a few minutes (which felt like days). That was an experience that I could have done without.!

Needless to say God is good!

Here are some other pics from last night:

Deanna talking with some guys
Lil PJ (L) talking with someone. This was PJ's first time giving someone the good person test
Paul talking with some guys. This turned out to be a great convo. The blond guy was terribly convicted and i think a good seed was planted!

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