Monday, October 13, 2008

Downtown: 10/11

As usual we spent our Friday night on the streets of Downtown Orlando handing out tracts, talking to people, and doing some open air. This week was different then most because my friends the Henry's were not out with us (they were at a family reunion). Plus we had a new Evangelist from my new church, Nikki, meet us out there. I was originally hoping that one of the women on the team would be able to "show her the ropes" from a ladies perspective, but since there was no ladies I gave it my best shot.

It was really encouraging to watch her as she stepped out in faith and for the first time started handing out tracts and at of all places in the wild night life of Orlando's Downtown club scene. She did a great job handing out tracts and she had at least one good conversation that I was able to hear. What was most encouraging and enlightening was a sentence in an email she sent me the next morning. She said,
"Hi Robert, thanks a bunch for babysitting me last night. I must admit it was an eye-opener. I've been definitely tucked away in my little world and never considered what was going on in the rest of it. I'm having a hard time describing my experience to my family and even myself. The one thing that keeps nagging me is that in God's eyes, I look exactly like what I saw last night. No better. What a humbling experience."
How true it is that God sees us as no better then all those, rebellious, drunkards, homosexuals, scoffing, God haters, ect. that we are trying to witness to (Isaiah 64:6, 59:12)! And if it wasn't for the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ we would rightfully deserve the same punishment as those people! It really makes you praise God for choosing to give us something that we DID NOT and DO NOT Deserve! What amazing Grace! Well said Nikki!

As usual we were met with plenty of opposition from the enemy. First off it was a struggle to even get out there. I had a CRAZY week and was also not feeling well, but once there I had some of the most illogical and deranged conversations I think ive ever been engaged in. Some of the stuff I can not repeat. There were a lot of strange people out.

We had these people stand in front of our preachers.
Homosexuals start making-out in open rebellion to the preaching of 1 Cor 6:9 
But there are always good things any time that the gospel is proclaimed. There are always those that hear the preaching but do not engage us and those that engage us, argue, but still hear the gospel. Below are some examples of that.

Some of the team having one-2-one conversations.

And finally this guy. For what ever reason when I handed him a tract he wanted more so I gave him a few and watched as he hung out in the background and handed them out. So I gave him another stack of tracts to hand out. 


  1. Way to go!

    Keep up the faithful and good work!


  2. Thanx bro! I checked out your blog also, looks like we'll be seeing each other in Georgia!!

  3. Yes......the Deeper conference. Are you going out with The 500?

    I am in the first group (Team 1)

  4. Yes I'll be with the 500! as a matter of fact im on the new (and last minute)team 1.1! We will be with team 1 for awhile then breaking off to the BET Hip Hop Awards then getting back with you guys in the park or something like that! Look forward to meeting you there!


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