Sunday, October 19, 2008

Deeper Conference: Drowned in The Word

As you guys know I spent the weekend with my wife and 2 friends in Woodstock, Georgia at the 2008 Deeper conference. The idea of the conference was to "take you deeper into God’s Word and expand your understanding of today’s culture with the goal of making you a more effective witness for Christ." And that it did!

We spent the entire 2 days being immersed in the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the first speaker to the last, the entire conference had a focus on Christ! Speakers included, Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, Todd Friel, Ken Ham, Marshall Foster, Kirk Cameron, and last but not least, my favorite preacher Paul Washer!

The two speakers that stood out to me were, of course, Paul Washer who delivered an amazing sermon on the Gospel. This sermon (like most) had me on the edge of my seat and welling up with tears as he took us to the cross in a way that only Paul Washer can! What's even cooler is that I had a few opportunities to chat with Brother Paul! (Check out my other posts on Paul Washer)

The next speaker was Todd Friel. Todd is the host of The Way of The Master radio show. One would think that if you listen to him for 2 hours a day 5 days a week that he wouldn't have much new to say. Well he did! He delivered to "Lectures" one on Christ in the Old Testament and the other on Biblical Covenants. It was well researched and well presented. I also had a chance to chat with Todd, once in the hallways and again out witnessing on the streets of Atlanta for the 500 (which I will write about tomorrow).

The other thing that was out of this world was the worship! It was like I had never experienced in my life! The type im used to is music that makes you "feel good" you know, loud with guitars and drums, lights and stage props, the kind that really makes you say, "wow this band rocks!" So at first, I was not impressed when Scott Krippayne came out to his grand piano and was playing down tempo type stuff, that is until they brought out Paul Washer to read scripture before each song. Scripture that developed the song. Then on the big screens they had verses that corresponded with what Scott was singing! Some of the songs where Old Hymns. On top of that, they went as far as to have Paul Washer read a prayer from the Puritan Prayer book, Valley of Vision and then the Athenasian Creed in between a set of songs! This worship drove you to your knees to worship God! By the way, Scott Krippayne is an amazing vocalist check him out here!

But it still gets better! We also took communion! I have never been involved in such a well presented and Christ honoring communion in my life! But wait it gets even better! I even had the opportunity to meet my favorite preacher Paul Washer! Oh wait I already told you that. Just kidding! It really does get better, on the last night (sat) we went out with 500 evangelist to witness to the people of Downtown Atlanta! More on that tomorrow!


  1. Hey there! I was at deeper as well and looking for folks who blogged about it and found your site. I recognize you from the 500... I was on the same team of folks as you were hitting the BET awards. I had a beard and glasses wearing a black sweatshirt.

    You seem to have been blessed as much as I did from the conference! Now I've got a new blog that I'll be checking out from time to time... :) Stay strong in the faith brother!


  2. Chris, Thanx for the comment! I remember who you are and it was great serving the people of Atlanta with you!

  3. Noiz -

    Hey man - It was a great pleasure meeting you and getting to street witness with you. You are a very godly young man and I am most honored to have served with you.

    My son and I have not stopped talking about this past weekend. We were more than blessed and my walk with God has been taken to a whole new level.

    I thank God that He raised up so many of us to hit the streets and preach the good news to a lost and dying city.

    Keep up the good work here on this blog and more importantly out on the streets!!


  4. Noiz, I remember seeing you too. I remember think, "Man, that dude's Goat is awesome!" :)

    I appreciate your recap brother, and your visit/comment over at my blog. I too was amazed at the communion. Brother Paul's voice while he was reading brought a totally new dimension to worship.

    You'll be on my blog list for now on, hope we can meet some day and preach the Word together.


  5. Deeper was incredible. Alas, I was not able to be one of the 500 (had to make it back for church). I share your appreciationg of Bro. Washer and was able to meet him myself as well. What an amazing man of God! I plan to have the Deacons at my church listen to a recording of his break out session about the problems with the 4 spiritual laws. My church still tends toward this persuasion, and I fear that people are falsely believing themselves to be saved. God bless.

  6. Bro! Finally was was able to read your notes on Deeper and plan to post this link in our update from several weeks :D... things have been so crazy and busy, and blessed! Look forward to when we get to talk again soon!

    your bro and a fellow servant/life-slave of Jesus, SH : )



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