Friday, October 17, 2008

Away at Deeper!

As I post this we are leaving to go to Woodstock, Ga. to attend the Deeper Conference! I have been waiting weeks to go and during those weeks I have had nothing but crazy things happens to try and prevent me from going! But I praise God for a few of my closest friends making this trip possible both financially and physically. Financially because one friend is paying for the gas and another is paying for my hotel stay. Physically because one of the same friends couldnt go and is going to handle some business for me that I really needed to get done! It is such a blessing to see God work and make this thing possible for me and my wife!

I will not be posting any blogs from the conference because I wont have time. However, I will take notes and lots of pictures to post at the begining of the week.

Be praying for our safety as we travel and when we're out with The 500 witnessing (Our group is scheduled to witness in front of the BET Hip Hop Awards).

God Bless

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