Monday, October 20, 2008

The 500: team 1.1

This weekend we had the pleasure of going to Downtown Atlanta, Georgia with The 500 to do some evangelism. We were assigned to team 1.1 which was going to the BET Hip Hop Awards. I was really excited about this because that is my type of environment. The BET Awards is something I would have attended in my unconverted days and is still a people group I am burdened for. Still I was a tad bit nervous just because I was in a city I didnt know, with people I didnt know, and my wife was going out for her first time.

Once in Atlanta we met up in the park with the rest of team one to pray and make any last minute arrangements. Iiit was really cool seeing  all the people getting ready to go to their destinations. You could sense that some were really nervous. From there we headed to the "subways" or transits as I later found out. This is where I got nervous because I had never been on a "subway" train before and I wasnt sure what to expect. It was a unique experince that I nor the people I fell into when it took off will forget.

While on the train our group leaders did some open air preaching which was a new experience for me also. It was neat to see the and hear the reactions of the people. What was real funny is that they didn't know I was with the preachers and would complain to me which would lead into a conversation. A few where shocked when I  handed them a Million Dollar Bill and when they asked what it was and I would say, "Its says the same thing he was preaching on the back"

After switching trains a time or two we were finally there. The Awards were in a section of Atlanta that would be considered a project. There were a lot of homeless, liqueur stores, and apartment buildings. At first we really didn't have alot of people to talk to that is until the awards ended. Now there were tons of people exiting the arena and hanging on the corners hoping to see someone famous. The influx of people made passing out tracts a blast. I just stood in the middle of the flow saying, "did you get one of these" and handed out about 150+ tracts in less then 20min.

These tracts allowed me and the others to have some conversations. But what is more important then the conversations I had or anything I did is the fact that Shawn and I's wives were out amongst all these people witnessing for the first time! And boy were we proud! Shawn's wife was the first to get into a conversation. She spoke to a gentleman for about 25 min. I over heard some of it and was thrilled to hear that she was doing a good job! The guy agreed with a lot of what she was saying and even prayed with her at the end. She would later try to hand a tract to the famous singer Sierra.

My wife admitted that it was really overwhelming to be out there, but I couldn't tell at the time. I watched in amazement as she would engage people in conversations and the things I heard astounded me! She handled her self better then I would have given the same circumstances. She told me later that a lot of the conversations were from guys trying to pick her up. She would use this to start the conversation and swing into the spiritual. She would even tell them that lusting over her was committing adultery and breaking Gods commandment! I was in awe! She also told me when we got back to the hotel that a pimp walking by with some prostitutes tried to recruit her.

After it was all over and the people had gone home it was time to make the trip back to our cars. First we stopped off and shared stories and testimonies then to my surprise my wife grabbed the mic and shared about 5 min of her testimony! I was so proud of her! from there we went back to the train station and did some more open air and one 2 one witnessing.

I had a great time and will never forget all the people that I met! The new found friends from my team were a joy to serve with and the lasting effects of our mission will be eternal! Praise God for all the people that seek and save the lost with a passion and zeal that only comes from the spirit of God.

Some pics from our trip!


  1. Absolutely AWESOME! Praise the Lord! MAn, I can't get the smile off my face, I think I may have to read this post again! BTW, I sometimes have to travel to ORL for work...hopefully we can hook up next time!

  2. Would love to hook up! We go to Downtown Orlando every Friday and sometimes Saturday. Would love to serve along side you!

  3. Wow - I didn't realize that you took that many pic's!

    The pic with you and Paul Washer is great....what an amazing preacher!

  4. Noiz

    This is obviously one awesome God given initiative:Sounds like you all had an amazing time!

    Great that your wife 'picked up the baton' - from time to time my wife plucks up courage and gets really stuck in - and it is only lack of confidence that stops her doing it more often because she is a natural evangelist! When she does get stuck in she makes me immensely proud(in the right sense).

    God bless all that you do.



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