Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lecrae Rebel

Im not in the business of doing reviews here on Bring The Noiz. I do however want to promote anything evangelistic.

Today I went to my mailbox to get my mail and found a box, and in that box, what I want to tell you about. In that box was Rap artist Lecrae's new album (rebel). After listening to it I must say that it is one of the greatest Holy Hip Hop Albums to date! From the first song to the last this album is evangelistic and Christ centered to the core!! This is going to be the CD I listen to as I head out to do witness and do open air!

I love every song on this album but a few to note are,
This song is grimy with a catchy chorus that features the preaching of Mark Driscoll. The theme of this song is that people that think they are rebels and   do the things of the world are actually conformists and that a true rebel is someone who is not doing the things of the culture but those things that glorify Christ.

Go Hard
This track is about going hard for the gospel. It encourages evangelism and communicating the truth of the gospel at all costs.

Indwelling Sin
This is one of those tracks that has been done a few times where the artists has a conversation with satan or in this case his sin nature. It is well done and has a hot beat. Lecrae being the artist that he is keeps this track short. Smart move.

Breathing to death
This is hot track that shows the artists conviction of sin, understanding the gospel, repentance, and faith

This track goes through the search for truth covering things like, relativism, secular humanism, evolution, ect.

A song about struggling with sin, the guilt it leaves, and the need for Gods mercy and grace! its a powerful song with a great message.

Fall Back
This tracks got Trip Lee in it...what more do I need to say!

I say that you should run out and buy this album! As a  matter of fact buy two and give one away to a friend!

If you want it from iTunes go here

If you want the deluxe edition go here

If you want it from a store go to Wal Mart or your local Christian bookstore.

If you want to read the lyrics while you listen go here

Im not short im actually almost 6' tall! Lecrae is just really tall!
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  1. How tall is Lecrae?

  2. how come they is no lecrea's intrustment & truth lyrics. Big fan of lecrea


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