Saturday, September 27, 2008

Downtown Orlando: Open Air

This weekend was another great weekend of evangelism in downtown Orlando. It started off slow as PJ and I were the first to arrive but things began to pick up as the Henry Team arrived.

As I have written in past posts Downtown Orlando has always been a place that brings about a little reservation in my heart to do witnessing. This time was no exception, I stood on the corner and watched the people for a little while then ran into an old friend, did a little catching up with him, then started handing out tracts.

A while later Paul informs me that his street preacher buddy Bart was on his way out. I was excited because its very rare that I get to do ministry along side a good street preacher. When Bart arrived, the corner we were on was getting allot of pedestrian traffic so it was good timing to break out the amplification and proclaim the gospel to the people. Up to this point I have never met Bart and I must say after meeting him he is one of those Godly men that just radiate Christ. What stood out to me the most was his soft spoken humble attitude. He was not there for attention or for fun, he was out there to his Fathers business. In between each presentation he would sit down on the curb with a LED light and his bible and get ready for his next proclamation.

Up first on the curb was my buddy Paul

Then surprisingly Bart asked if I would like to preach! Now I had only done this once before and really wasn't ready, but I knew I had to do it. with allot of fear I stepped up to the mic. I started with my testimony and explained how I used to go to the same clubs that they were all going to. then I swung into the Law and the Gospel. It was an awesome experience. I preached one more time and had a few hecklers but I will never forget that first time on the curb.

After I was done Bart took over and wow was he great! His delivery style was gentle and loving and you could tell that he has had lots of experience. He had a few hecklers but there was one girl that really stood out. I could see her across the street yelling at Bart while her friends held her back. She was really angry at something. Finally her friends let her go and she ran across the street to yell at Bart. She was very angry because Bart was talking about how God demands Holiness and that no one met His standard. She was cursing at him and saying, “how dare you say Im not holy!!! After creating a scene and drawing more people to listen to us she finally left

Awhile later I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see the same angry girl that had cursed Bart out! I thought Uh Oh she's going to let me have it! She said to me, “Can you give him [Bart] a message for me?” She told me that as she walked away her conscience got the best of her and she wanted to apologize for her actions! I talked with her for another half an hour or so and was able to clarify what Bart was saying. I also explained the law and the Gospel to her. Her name was LaLa so please pray for her

All in all it was a great outing and I look forward to the next time I get to minister along side of Bart and the Henry family!

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